1. What is the purpose of the program?

Answer: The Puente Project is an academic preparation program that for more than 25 years has improved the college- going rate of tens of thousands of California's educationally disadvantaged students. The projects mission is to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students who:

  • Enroll in four-year colleges and universities
  • Earn college degrees
  • Return to the community as mentors and leaders of future generations
2. Am I eligible for the Puente program?

Answer: Students (first  year or non-first year students) are eligible based on your application to City College and your assessment results. If your assessment results place you into English 47A for the Fall semester and you are interested in transferring to a university to obtain a Bachelor's degree you are eligible to apply for the program. The program is open to students who:

  • Are interested in exploring the Latino(a)/Chicano(a) experience.
  • Are planning on transferring to a four year university
  • Are eligible to enroll in English 47A for the Fall semester.
  • Are able to commit to program requirements such as student participation in the Puente Club, workshops, and community service opportunities.
  • Are able to be full time students (enrolled in 12 units or more).
3. Do I have to be a full-time student?

Answer: Yes, since Puente is a transfer program that emphasizes a cohort model, full time enrollment is necessary to ensure a steady academic progress towards your transfer journey.

4. How Many Students will be selected to participate?

Answer: The program selects up to 30 students to participate in Puente for each entering cohort.

5. Is Puente Free?

Answer: Participation in the program itself is free; however you must enroll in and pay for your of courses at San Diego City College. ( note: if you are eligible for the BOGW waiver from financial aid your registration fees are waived except for your student health fees)

6. How do I apply for the Puente program?

Answer:  We start recruitment every Spring semester, February - June.  We will have an Interest Form available for students at this time.  Remember, you have to be: