Program Components

Puente at San Diego City College integrates six strategies in pursuit of student success: teaching, counseling, mentoring, leadership development, enrichment opportunities and ongoing support.

Three main components emphasized by the Puente Program statewide:

English Instruction

Puente students at San Diego City College take three consecutive writing classes, English 47A, 101 and 205. (The content of both courses focuses on Chicano/Latino authors and themes.)


Students work individually with the Puente counselor until they graduate from San Diego City College. Through individual counseling students identify careers plans, education plans, and transfer plans.

  • Students also enroll in two consecutive Personal Growth classes:PG 120 (College Success) and PG 130 (Career and Life Planning).


Puente students engage with various mentors in the community who share their invested interest and commitment to the students growth and development.

Additional instruction offered at San Diego City College:

Leadership Development

Puente helps develop leadership skills among students in the following ways:

  • Exemplifying a culture of community, motivation and achievement.
  • Regular career panels and workshops.
  • Student participation in the Puente Club.
  • Fund-raising and community service opportunities at the local level.
  • On-campus guest speakers from professional and civic communities.

Enrichment Opportunities

Because Puente is committed to educating the whole student, its community college program offers many opportunities for students to enhance their learning with experiences outside the traditional classroom environment, including:

  • Participation in art and cultural activities.
  • Participation in civic and community events.
  • Field trips to University Campuses.
  • Involvement with local community and business organizations.
  • Extra-curricular events that foster social development and personal and academic success.

Ongoing Support

Puente has been recognized nationally for its commitment to providing ongoing support services to its students, who are sometimes referred to as being part of the Puente familia. Examples include:

  • As part of Puente's cross-functional program design, the professor, counselor and mentor provide a supportive network for the student by closely monitoring the student's progress throughout the course of the program and beyond, until he or she is transfer-ready.
  • Community networks established by the program serve as a sustainable resource for students statewide.

Supplemental Instruction

  • Tutoring -Puente students have an English tutor available to work with individually.
  • Scholar Center