Small Business Entrepreneurship Program

Business Technology building – BT 313 
Monday – Thursday;   8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
Phone: (619)-388-3892 
Fall and Spring semesters 

BUSE 245 A, B, C, D are lab courses offered through the School of Business – Small Business Entrepreneurship Program. Students earn 3-units of college credit and gain hands-on business experience as interns operating student-run businesses on campus. The businesses typically operate fall and spring semesters, Monday – Thursday. Hours vary and are posted at each business. 

Business Resource Center (BRC) – BT 313 
(619) 388-3892 - Monday-Thursday; 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
The student run copy center provides color and black & white copies for a small fee per page and fax services. Computers and a printer are available to printing homework and projects. Pick-up a Scantron, pencil/pen, or notebook here. Buy a cold drink and pre-packaged snacks like chips, cookies, candy and more. 

Fantastique – BT 311H (enter from the plaza) 
(619) 388-3892 - Monday-Thursday; 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM 
Fantastique is a student run clothing resale store. Gently used women’s and men’s clothing suitable for interviews, work, or school is for sale at very low prices. Shop here Monday – Thursday. Hours are posted at the store. Donations of business clothes suitable for a student to wear to work are sincerely appreciated.  Please contact us regarding your clean, gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories.  Thank you. 

City College Emergency Food Pantry – BT 211A 
Monday – Thursday; 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM 
The emergency food pantry is a service to students enrolled at City College. Hungry students struggling with limited funds, are welcome to stop by the pantry for a meal of pre-packaged lunch items. A typical emergency meal may include a pop-top canned item with a bowl and spoon for microwaving in the cafeteria, water and a granola bar or fruit cup. There may also be a limited supply of personal hygiene or care items. 

The City College Emergency Food Pantry is a project operated by student interns and generously supported through kind donations from the staff and faculty of City College, community partners, private individuals, neighbors, and friends. This special program accepts donations of checks and grocery store gift cards. If you would like to donate lunch items: pop-top canned goods, granola bars, cases of water, fruit cups, or personal hygiene or care items, please contact Dr. Leroy Brady at 

A la Carte – mobile snack cart 
Interns operated this mobile snack cart during events on campus selling bottled cold drinks and prepackaged snacks. This course provides students with hands on experience in business operations and customer service, while raising funds to support the Small Business Entrepreneurship Program and the City College Food Pantry.  It would be our pleasure to work with you to serve your guests.  If your college department or school would like to arrange for a la Carte to sell snacks at your event, please contact Prof. Nancy Fredericks at 

Donations:  Donations of pre-packaged food items for the City College Food Pantry emergency lunch program, gently used business clothing for the clothing resale store, Fantastique, or grocery, gas, office supply or other gift cards are sincerely appreciated.  If you have questions or would like to donate to these wonderful businesses that support students, please contact: Dr. Leroy Brady at or Professor Nancy Fredericks at