• FOR A CAMPUS MEDICAL EMERGENCY:From any campus phone,
    call 9-1-1 or X 6405.
  • From a cell phone call SDCCD College Police Dispatch 619-388-6405. Program this number into your cell phone to reach College Police Dispatch quickly while on campus.
  • District Police are the FIRST RESPONDERS for campus emergencies. They patrol and dispatch help to City College locations requiring assistance. They are CPR certified with defibrillator (AED) access and assist paramedics to locate the victim.
  • Please do not delay appropriate emergency response by calling or going to the Student Health Clinic, the City College Police Offices, or the Nursing Department. Any of these actions wastes time and delays emergency response.
  • An on-campus accident or injury should be reported to the Student Health Clinic. As appropriate, an accident report is completed for review by Student Accident Insurance Coverage. This minimizes costs incurred by the student when an accident has occurred on campus.
  • For more information about safety at SDCCD, go to: http://police.sdccd.edu
    Download our safety app, LIVESAFE, on any smart phone using your app store, then select San Diego City College to receive emergency information and notifications.
  • You may call the Student Health Clinic (Room E-1) at ext. 3450 for questions.