Transfer Success Workshops

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SUCCESSFUL transfer students 2016


Name: Jay Alexander
Major: Business Accounting                                                                                                    
School: San Diego State University
Advice: Protect your GPA and attend class regularly.
Students that go to class 
normally do better than those
who don’t.

Name: Mercedes Irazoqui
Major: Psychology 
School: San Diego State University
Advice: Do your best at all times!         

Name: Manuel Corona 
Major: Sustainable Environmental Design
School: UC Berkley 
Advice: Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to ask
for what you want.

Royce Allen Green 
School: Fisk University 
Advice: Keep up with all of your assignments in class. 
Make sure to study and study some more! 

Name: Colleen Prentie 
Major: Psychology 
School: San Diego State University 
Advice: Get your paper work done early. 

Name: Hope Flores 
School: San Diego State University
Advice: Pass all of your classes!