Student Testimonials


"Being in the Umoja program has been a life changing experience for me.  I not only have been able to build up confidence to be active in the changes that are happening in my life, but I take any challenge head on no matter the consequences. I hope that I will be able to take all of the tools I was able to learn from Umoja and apply them moving forward." -

"Being in this learning community at San Diego City College has given me the opportunity to take my general education courses with a group of students creating community, family, and team-building skills with my peers. With the Umoja Community, I was able to complete two semesters of math and two semesters of English in one semester! These accelerated classes have given me a quicker pathway to success, moving me more quickly through basic skills to transfer level courses." - Melecia

"Over this semester I have grown more confident in the career path I have chosen. Over the entire year in this program, I feel that it has changed me for the better. I am a lot more focused on my studies.  In my personal life, I have learned to be more outspoken and I'm not afraid to speak my mind.  That has a lot to do with this program...I had amazing professors and students I was always able to rely on for help with my essays and math homework..My math professor was able to connect math problems into our everyday lives.  He used politics, social issues, and even music to connect with math in order for me and my classmates to understand math better." - Jasmine

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