Curriculum Review Committee

Curriculum Review Committee (CRC)

Standing committee of the Academic Senate

CRC Committee Charge

2018 - 2019 Meeting Days & Time

Standing Membership

  • Academic Senate (14 - 21):
    • Articulation Officer, Counselor, Librarian, Evaluator, 10 - 15 faculty at-large (a balanced representation among arts and sciences and occupational and technical disciplines). May include a campus DSPS representative and adjunct faculty.
  • Administration (1 - 3):
      Vice President of Instruction. May include CTE Dean and Non-CTE Dean.
  • Classified Senate (0 - 1):
      May include a Classified Staff.
  • Chair:
      The chair will be one (or two, in the case of co-chairs) faculty representative(s) to be selected by the committee (CRC). The faculty committee chair(s) will receive reassigned time supported by the Office of Instruction. The term for chair(s) shall be two years.
  • Resources Personnel:
      Resources personnel shall be selected as deemed appropriate by the committee.
  • Quorum:
    A quorum must have a minimum of 50% +1 of the committee as determined by appointments at the beginning of each academic year. Attendance and participation by the members of the Curriculum Review Committee are critical components to the success in meeting the charge and decision-making responsibilities.

    Curriculum Review Committee Details

      • Voting Rights:
        Voting rights shall be confined to standing members of the committee and to the person holding a written proxy of a standing member of the committee.

        The agenda shall be distributed to all standing members prior to the meeting and to all interested parties who have requested a hearing through the chair(s).

        Minutes of all meetings shall be taken [as deemed necessary] and shall be distributed to the standing members of the committee, all resource personnel in attendance, and to other faculty or staff upon request. Minutes shall be posted in a public folder accessible electronically. The Office of the Vice President of Instruction will provide clerical assistance for recording and dissemination of all minutes, reports, and required documents.
      • Responsibilities:
        1) To review and approve all courses and programs including curriculum proposals, catalog changes for new and revised courses and programs, and course activations and deactivations for compliance with state regulations and district policy to ensure the following (Policy 5300.2):

              ▸ Degree credit, non-degree credit, and noncredit courses meet standards for approval as defined by Title 5.
              ▸ Courses and programs comply with the criteria as defined in the California Community Colleges Curriculum Standards Handbook.
              ▸ Curriculum meets District policy regarding criteria for the Associate Degree and General Education.
              ▸ Courses delivered by Distance Education conform to state regulations.
              ▸ Classes for students with disabilities conform to state regulations and guidelines.
              ▸ Stand-alone courses that are not offered as part of an approved program are reviewed and approved.
              ▸ Credit courses fulfill requirements for submission as general education courses to Intersegmental Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), California State University(CSU), University of California (UC) transfer standards for electives and major requirements to CSU, UC, and/or other post-secondary colleges and universities.
              ▸ Credit courses that fulfill District General Education, multicultural, American Institutions and/or health and physical education requirements are reviewed and approved.
              ▸ New programs and modifications to approved programs are reviewed.

        2) To review credit courses throughout the district to determine duplication in content; recommends policy/procedures regarding academic and professional matters; provides inservice training for college faculty serving on curriculum development; provides for emergency review of curriculum.

        3) To ensure that curriculum committee membership, as determined by City College, is in Compliance with Title 5.

        4) To advise faculty and administrators on reasons for withholding approval.

        5) To take appropriate action on curriculum proposals on behalf of the Academic Senate.

        1) To forward policy and procedure recommendations requiring consultation to the Academic Senate for review and recommendation.

        2) To report results to the Academic Senate and District Curriculum Instructional Council; to forward results to the Office of Instruction and the Instructional Services Council.

        3) To report to the following groups:
              • Academic Senate
              • District Curriculum Instructional Council; Office of Instruction
              • Instrucitonal Services Council
              • Regional Curriculum Meetings

    2018-2019 CRC Membership

    Agendas and Minutes

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