Disability Support Programs and Services

Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) provides services and courses to support students with disabilities in the achievement of their academic and vocational goals. The instructional component promotes equal participation in mainstream academic programs through preparatory and skill maintenance courses, and offers courses for personal growth.

Career Options

Consult a DSPS counselor.

Academic Programs

The DSPS program is not an academic program designed to prepare professionals in the field of special education or rehabilitation. DSPS courses are designed for the student with a disability. Students consult with a DSPS counselor to develop the Student Education Plan and identify courses appropriate to support the academic or vocational goal. While several courses are recommended for students with any disability, some curricula focus on special skills particular to one disability, i.e., visual impairment or learning disability.

Distinctive Features

The DSPS program integrates adaptive computer technology in the classroom, coordinating instruction and access devices with the Computer Business Technology and Computer Information Sciences departments and the Independent Learning Center. Learning Disability course offerings include strategy programs in sentence, paragraph writing and mathematics based on university research.

Note: DSPS courses are also listed in the Exercise Science section of the catalog. Additional courses are offered at Mesa and Miramar College campuses. Consult the appropriate semester class schedule.