Enrollment Management Committee

Enrollment Management Committee

Standing committee of Master Planning, Assessment, and Resource Oversight Council (MPAROC)

Charge and Decision Making Responsibilities

The Enrollment Management Committee will be a subcommittee of and report to MPAROC. The charge of the Enrollment Management Committee is to develop and periodically revise enrollment objectives for the College that are consistent with the institutional mission, resources, facilities, demographics, mandates and other factors that impact enrollment of students to the college.

The Committee is also charged with providing support to the coordination of campus-wide efforts to achieve enrollment objectives, with an emphasis on development of tools to assist with the scheduling of classes, recruitment, retention, marketing, program and service offerings and resource allocations. Committee meetings will be held monthly.

The Committee composition is as follows:

Co-Chairs:Vice Presidents of Instruction, Student Services, chair of chairs or designee
Faculty Members (4) with recommended representation in the following areas:CTE, Counseling, Transfer Programs, Basic Skills
Deans (4):Instruction, Student Services, Information Technology, Institutional Effectiveness, Associate Dean of Strong Workforce
Directors (3):Financial Aid, Off- Campus Programs, Public Information Officer
Supervisors (4):Admissions and Records, First Year Services, Outreach Supervisor, Campus Based Researcher
Non-voting member:Vice president of Business Services

Term Limits: Members may serve a total of (3) academic years, not to exceed, more than (2) consecutive years.  Term limits apply to all positions with multiple people.

Participation and Voting: Committee vote will be by consensus.  Voting will be allowed via e-mail when necessary.  No proxies.  The appropriate participatory governance group will be notified if a committee member misses more than three meetings of the committee

Assessment: A variety of methods will be used for assessment including but not limited to, the production of documents that outline and describe the aspects of San Diego City College’s enrollment management plan, as well as tracking of enrollment for improvement purposes.  The plan will be revised based on what works to increase student enrollment at the college.

Agendas and Minutes