Futures Studies

Program Description

The Futures Studies program offers practical skills, theory and methods to strategically identify and analyze trends that affect the world on a social, cultural, political, economic and environmental level. Through Futures Studies theory and methods, students learn to postulate possible, probable and preferable futures. The opportunity to gain professional experience in the field of Futures Studies is offered through participation in a one-unit service learning capstone course.

Program Emphasis

A focus is placed upon the interdisciplinary nature of the application of Futures Studies to anthropology, political science, sociology, technology and computer science, economics and environmental science. Students will be encouraged to think critically about the future in a responsible manner taking into consideration just and equitable solutions to challenges facing the world.

Program Goals

Students will learn to
  • envision possible, probable and preferable futures
  • apply methods of visioning, strategic planning and simulations to case studies
  • assess and evaluate trends forecasted on a national and international level.
  • critically analyze positive and negative factors that may influence the future of the world
  • identify and explore just, equitable and sustainable solutions to social, environmental, political and economic issues

Career Options

This Certificate prepares students to enter into academic and professional fields related to Futures Studies. Available career tracks include working as a strategic planner, demographer, futurist, sociologist, pollster, researcher, political analyst, educator, anthropologist, industrial psychologist, business leader, consultant or a change agent.