Seeds@City Internships/Off-campus Work Experience

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Work experience internships in sustainable urban Agriculture (3 units)

Our Internship/Work Experience (AGRI 270) class consists of full-semester length on-the-job learning experiences in sustainable urban agriculture. AGRI 270 may be taken for a maximum of 16 units. Each of these work experience opportunities requires 12-15 hours of work per week on site for the duration of our 16-week semester. 

Internship/Work Experience (AGRI 270) is required for the Urban Farming Professional certificate of achievement, however any student in the program may be eligible for work experience with approval of the instructor. Each business or organization (listed at the bottom of the webpage) has their own minimum requirements for an intern at their site and may require an application and interview. If you do not have previous experience in agriculture or with courses in our program, we typically place interns at our on-campus farm, Seeds@City Urban Farm. If you have already interned at Seeds@City, or have completed a lot of volunteer hours on the campus farm, please review the "Off-Campus Placement Options" below. 

In order to enroll students must complete the following:
  • Contact AGRI program faculty to discuss specific requirements.
  • Submit an application specifically for the AGRI program. Please e-mail to request an application.
  • Interview with the potential host/supervisor.
PLEASE NOTE!!! We must cap the on-campus internships because our farmers are only able to manage a limited number of interns during the semester. We encourage students to apply and enroll in the internship program as early as possible. We do not allow students to enroll in the class after the first week of the semester.

We highly recommend completing multiple internships over the course of your time in the program. This will provide you with a wealth of hands-on experience and make you more marketable as an employee.  Some internship placement sites have also been known to offer jobs to successful interns upon completion of their internship. 

OFF-Campus Placement options

On-campus options:
  • Seeds@City Urban Farm - Interning at the Seeds@City campus farm is recommended for any students who are new to the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Program. 
Potential Off-campus options (additional applications and interviews may apply):
  • Groundwork San Diego - Seeds at City will assign students, on an on-going basis, to serve as interns at the EarthLab, a four-acre open space parcel and outdoor classroom in Encanto managed by Groundwork. Interns and EarthLab staff will develop an urban farm at the site, as well as programming to engage students and their family in agriculture, horticulture, and healthy living. The EarthLab is managed by Nicole Schott, a former Seeds at City intern. (must have a car)
  • Water Conservation Garden  - offers internships at their site at Cuyamaca college working on native species, horticultural species, and agriculture crops.
  • San Diego Food System Alliance - the San Diego Food System offers internships associated with research and work in the local San Diego food system
  • Dean's Greens - Students will learn how to consult owners of private residences on how to grow food. Students will assist with all aspects of the building and maintenance of custom gardens including the installation, harvesting, fruit tree pruning, composting, irrigation, learning permaculture methods, and more. Dean's focus is on teaching the homeowner how to become less depending on his business, and more self-sufficent when it comes to home-based food production. (multiple locations, must have a car)
  • Murray Farms (in Vista) contact Scott Murray for more info about this site. 
  • Revolution Landscape - This business constructs edible gardens and native landscapes for San Diego residents and businesses. The focus is on reducing water use, providing a weekly basket of organic produce and to restore native habitat. (multiple locations, must have a car
  • Urban Plantations - Urban Plantations is an urban farming company focused on growing organic produce in the city.  They operate several corporate farms and restaurant gardens and service a diverse group of home owners on  maintenance routes. Interns learn all aspects of organic farming from seeding to harvest and can also participate in design and marketing projects.  Multiple locations, carpooling is available in most situations. (multiple locations, must have a car
  • Locate your own - we can work with new community partners to set up off-campus internships, just put us in touch with the supervisor at your organization of interest

Last updated 3/9/15