Selected Studies

Designed for students who are interested in a program of studies that will allow them to attain educational or career goals that are not satisfied by associate degrees offered in Programs of Instructions listed in this catalog.

Associate in Arts Degree: Selected Studies

Courses Required for the Major:

The student must earn a minimum of 18 required semester units in a single discipline or related disciplines. The approved course of study represents a cohesive and rigorous program of instruction related to a specific goal not met by other Programs of Instruction as found in this catalog. The student and a counselor will develop a Selected Studies program to be submitted to an academic standards committee for review and approval. The student is encouraged to meet with the counselor early in his or her educational career to review the student’s statement of justification for the Associate of Arts Degree: Selected Studies and to develop an education plan.

Only one course from the approved pattern for the Selected Studies major may be used to satisfy SDCCD general education requirements. Students must fulfill additional requirements for the Associate Degree as listed in this catalog.

For graduation requirements see Requirements for the Associate Degree on page 81.

Electives as needed to meet minimum of 60 units required for the degree.

Recommended Electives: Electives are particularly important in this program. They may be used by the student to strengthen the major, explore new fields of interest, and satisfy graduation requirements at a four-year institution.

The student who plans carefully may fulfill the requirements for the A.A. Degree and also complete most lower division requirements at the four-year institution of his/her choice in the major area and in general education. See generalized guide for transfer student located in this catalog.