Shipbuilding Technology


Shipbuilding Technology, a specific concentration within the broad range of today’s industrial manufacturing, was created as a cooperative effort between San Diego City College School of Math, Engineering & Technologies and National Steel and Shipbuilding’s Training and Organizational Development Department. Shipbuilding Technology represents a technological field requiring the application of a variety of applied skills in support of manufacturing in large shipyards and in smaller shipbuilding companies. The education of technologists tends to be less theoretical and less mathematical than that of engineers, but more hardware, process and application oriented.

Statement of Goals:

The primary goals of the program are:
  • 1. Occupational: To prepare students for thechanging technology associated with shipbuildingby giving them a fundamental understanding of thetrade, skill and management technologies and howthey apply to a globally competitive industry. Tohelp students enhance skills so they can advance astechnologists and managers of technologists in theshipbuilding industry.
  • 2. Transfer: To enable students to transfer to afour-year baccalaureate degree program in industrialtechnology. The objectives of the program are:
        • 1. To provide students with a strong foundation inthe practical and academic skills necessary forsuccess in upper division study at a four-yearcollege.
        • 2. To give students a strong foundation in theskills necessary for success in current jobpositions or for promotional opportunities in theshipbuilding industry.
        • 3. To develop students’ productivity, efficiency andcreativity in the field of shipbuilding technology.
        • 4. To provide students with the knowledge andability to apply problem solving skills to realshipbuilding issues.
        • 5. To offer students and local employers acomplete certification program that can be usedas a criterion in hiring processes.
        • 6. To offer local shipbuilding employers andstudents a sequence of courses leading to acertificate that will improve the skill and abilitiesof their employees.

Program Emphasis

The program offers instruction in the specific trades, tools, techniques and processes involved in shipbuilding. Teamwork is emphasized, reflecting the interdisciplinary work environment emerging in the shipbuilding industry. The curriculum is project based and emphasizes the integration of technical knowledge with leadership skills to help shipyards achieve desired goals associated with global competition. An Associate of Science Degree will be awarded upon completion of the common core courses and the San Diego City College graduation and general education requirements. In addition, a certificate of achievement may be awarded upon the completion of the courses required for the major.

Career Options

Sheetmetal mechanic, Welder, Electrician, Machinist, Pipefitter, Multi-skilled technician/mechanic, Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Systems Engineer, Supervisor, Shipyard Administrator, CAD/CAM Operator, Vocational Trainer.

Student Learning Outcomes

Through a process of engagement with organizational management and technical shipbuilding curriculum, the student will be equipped to:

  • Explain all facets of shipbuilding technology fromsupply chain management through final testingthe delivery of a completed ship.
  • Read, comprehend and apply best practices intrade design and incorporation of manufacturingtechniques to meet specialty requirements inshipbuilding.
  • Identify, explain and utilize methods andbest trade practices to maximize safety inshipbuilding technologist worksites and effectivemanagement and implementation of trade safetyprocesses.
  • Apply and incorporate principles of effectiveorganizational leadership, includingmanagement techniques to supervisetechnologists in milestone program staging tosupport standardized and timely manufacturingoutcomes.