Social Work

Program Description

Social Work is an applied behavioral science that emphasizes the application of behavioral science principles in a variety of cultural contexts. Social Work students are expected to think critically and scientifically about behavior, to apply the principles of the behavioral sciences, and to understand the role of values in diverse cultural settings. As a profession, social work focuses on methods for helping people from many different social groups to improve the quality of their lives.

Program Goals

The Social Work program has two primary goals. The first is to provide students with the basic science and social work courses that prepare them for entry-level work in the field and/or transfer to four-year colleges, universities or other institutions. The second goal is to provide students with general knowledge related to the behavioral sciences that complements their interests in the field of Social Work.


Most career options directly related to professional (licensed) social work require graduate level degrees. However, there are applied and paraprofessional occupations that value the associate degree. Social services departments, hospitals, academic and community mental health facilities, child care programs, services for the aged, alcohol and other drug treatment programs, family services agencies, and other community organizations are all examples of settings which employ both professional and paraprofessional social service providers. Education at each academic level enhances skills, knowledge, and employability.