Program Emphasis

The Theatre Arts program provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in professional and community theatre work and to prepare for continued higher education. Major theatre productions are offered each year, allowing students to develop practical skills and talents while earning college credit for transfer to universities.

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Career Options

Most careers related to theatre require education beyond the associate degree; however, an understanding and mastery of technical theatre skills provides some preparation for work in local community theatre and professional theatre. A partial list of possible career options follows: set designer, model builder, makeup artist, lighting designer, stage manager, scenic artist, set builder, set carpenter, set painter, stage technician, sound technician, prop maker, lighting operator.

Program Learning Outcomes

Your education is grounded in a dynamic relationship to the history of theatre arts as a craft and an awareness of the conditions of the world around you. In addition, you will be able to work effectively within an ensemble. As a program we encourage students to present themselves and their personal artistic talents with clarity and confidence.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  • Effectively practice the theatre arts throughinvolvement in the creation and presentation ofpublic performances in theatre.
  • Develop a structural approach to interpretationof language in dramatic text.
  • Explain and practice basic productionprocesses such as acting, scenic, costume, andmake-up design, and technical operation relatedto production.
  • Identify the historical and cultural dimensionof theatre, including the works of leadingplaywrights, actors, directors, and designers.
  • Acquire inter-cultural and multi-culturalunderstanding, as well as perception of theuniversal and timeless human conflicts presentedin dramatic works.
  • Augment the discipline, cooperation,accountability, and perseverance necessary forpositive self-identification and success in life.

Certificate of Performance: Technical Theatre
This is a certificate in Technical Theatre which the student will put into practice the skills necessary in scenery construction, scene painting, costume, and makeup in order to pursue a professional career in theatre, film, television, music, and/or dance.

Associate in Arts Degree: Visual and Performing Arts, Theatre
The theatre program offers transfer courses in preparation for university theatre majors as well as fundamental skills in acting and play production useful for employment or for participation in community theatre productions.

Student will be assessed through a combination of performance evaluations, written assignments, and written tests and quizzes.