Title V ¡SUBIR! Grant

Students Uplifted by Instructional Reform

Title V at a glance

Project ¡SUBIR! GOAL

The purpose of the grant is to increase the number and proportion of high-need students who persist in and complete college. Project ¡SUBIR! will improve retention and success of Latino students and economically disadvantaged students through course redesign, professional development, the showcasing of diversity and inclusivity and student services initiatives.

Grant Areas of Focus
  • Key course redesign
    • Basic Skills Math and English, ESOL, Personal Growth, targeted courses
    • Acceleration of courses in sequence
    • Project based learning
  • Professional Development
    • Cultural relevant pedagogy
    • Engaging with diverse students
  • Creation of support spaces
    • Four Cultural Hubs
    • Cultural integration, student learning and collaboration, faculty development, community resources, increased diversity programs
  • Student Support
    • Peer Mentoring
    • Jumpstart Transition Program
    • Supplemental Instruction Expansion
    • Learning Communities

Overall Grant Objectives (Years 1-5)
  • Increase in completion of Basic Skills and ESOL requirements
  • 5% increase in enrollment and completion of college-level English and math courses
  • 5% increase in success rate of gateway courses
  • At least 250 students enrolling in summer success program
  • Improved retention rates
Contact Information

Lillian Garcia, Program Activity Manager
(619)388-4041; lgarcia002@sdccd.edu

Actions That Will Be Implemented

Over the next five years at San Diego City College, Title V will lead:

  • Reducing exit points in English, ESOL, Math
  • Increase success in targets courses
  • Increasing culturally competent professional development
  • Creation of 4 Cultural Hubs
  • Cultural awareness activities
  • Peer to peer learning via mentoring and Supplemental Instruction
  • Summer Readiness program incorporating English, Math, and Personal Growth
Redesigned Courses
Year 1:
ESOL, Basic Skills English, PG 140
Year 2:
Basic Skills Math, PG 130
Year 3:
Math 96, 104, 116, 119 and English 101, 205, PG 145 (new)
Year 4:
BIO 107, SOC 101, HEALTH 101, PSYC 101, HIS 109, CHIC 141A
Redesigned courses are subject to change.
Piloting of courses will occur the year following redesign.

Institutional Commitment and Support

Title V capitalizes on a number of existing resources and is supported by all areas at San Diego City College. The college is committed to providing the support and resources to ensure the success and sustainability of the Title V initiatives.