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As a part of the continued efforts of San Diego City College to improve access, communication, and student success, the Website Redesign Taskforce will undertake the redesign efforts of the San Diego City College Website through an equitable, participatory, and transparent process.


During the projected website redesign timeframe of October 2016 to December 2017, the Taskforce will make recommendations on:
   • Information Architecture
   • Website Design
   • Page Layout
   • Design Standards
   • Branding & Image
   • Content Management


The members of the Website Redesign Taskforce will consist of the following positions:
   • Three Administrators - Appointed by the College President
        º Vice President - Vice President of Administrative Services (Tri-Chair)
        º Instructional Dean - Dean of Information & Learning Technology (Tri-Chair)
        º Student Services Dean - Dean of Student Development
   • Three Faculty - Appointed by the Academic Senate
        º Graphic Arts Faculty
        º Student Services Faculty
        º Non-Instructional Faculty
   • Three Classified - Appointed by the Classified Senate
        º Instructional Classified
        º Student Services Classified
        º Administrative Services Classified
   • Two Students - Appointed by the Associated Students Government
   • Public Information Officer (Tri-Chair)
   • DSPS Adaptive Computer Technology Specialist

Each member will serve on the Taskforce for the duration of the Website Redesign Effort. At the completion of the Website Redesign, the Taskforce will disband. Each appointed member will be expected to attend all meetings consistently, participate, and update their constituency groups with the progress of this project.

The Website Redesign Taskforce reserves the right to replace members who fail to attend three consecutive meetings. This Taskforce was initiated by the Interim President to ensure an equitable and participatory process. The Interim President appointed the Vice President of Administrative Services, Dean of Information & Learning Technology, and the Public Information Officer as tri-chairs in guiding this process.

All recommendations and action items will occur through consensus.


  1. Promote the College mission and values including social justice and equity during the website redesign
  2. Demonstrate knowledge about the college website
  3. Work closely with consultants and vendors to facilitate the website redesign
  4. Provide recommendations for the review and update of the information and architecture
  5. Provide input on the redesign process, including branding, content, and tone
  6. Provide recommendations about page layout, design, and color determinations
  7. Provide recommendations about design standards to ensure sustainability of the site
  8. Provide recommendations for ADA accessibility and compliance
  9. Committee members will regularly report Taskforce proceedings to their constituency groups
  10. The Committee will provide regular quarterly updates to the campus about the project progress


Website Taskforce Charge

Taskforce Representation

Taskforce Timeline (Updated: 12/05/2016)

Tri-Chair Timeline (Updated: 12/05/2016)