World Cultures Program


Evaluation of Cultural Enrichment Through an Examination and Celebration of World Cultures

Co-Director: Karen Lim,
Co-Director: Elizabeth Meehan,
Program Assistant: Maria Murcia

We are located on the campus of
San Diego City College
1313 Park Blvd.
AH 102b
Phone: (619) 388-3552

Fall 2015 World Cultures

First People - Kumeyaay

This is a documentary entitled First People-Kumeyaay Produced by Bob Sly, co-produced by Michael Johnson of Industrial Strength TV

This 52 minute documentary which won best of show at the Borrego Film Festival and aired on KPBS April 2015. It Highlights Kumeyaay sustainability, mapping of Kumeyaay Nation, and local tribes, information about tool-making, and sustainable practices for harvesting and cultivating food resources in the desert and coastal environments.


The mission of the World Cultures Program is to increase the understanding, appreciation and celebration of global human diversity on our campus and in our world.

Started with a grant awarded over 10 years ago and a mandate from a joint administrative and faculty committee to enhance the curriculum and campus life and celebrate the ethnic and cultural diversity on the San Diego City College campus, the World Cultures Program endeavors to expose students, faculty, staff, and the community to a broad array of film, drama, literature, lectures, and music representative of the rich cultural diversity found around the globe across people, groups, beliefs, traditions, customs, and the arts. It accomplishes its mission by providing a forum for a rich medley of artists, musicians, singers, dancers, actors, writers, historians, spokespersons for numerous causes, athletes and educators representative of diverse cultures each Fall and Spring semester. Events come in a variety of formats, including lectures, documentaries, dramatic and dance performances, large and small multimedia presentations, exhibits, concerts, and debates.

Annually, the program sponsors approximately 30 events on campus, with an average yearly attendance of more than 3,000. Each semester season is planned three to six months, in advance, by the Co-Directors who make every effort to offer a broad spectrum of programming that adequately represents the needs and desires of our campus community. Past programs have included powerful documentaries across a wide range of topics coupled with renowned filmmakers, performance poets, ethnic dancing, motivational speakers, award-winning authors, Holocaust survivors, Women Peacemakers controversial political debates, and performances from local theatres.

When possible, The World Cultures Program also sponsors on-campus programs hosted by various departments to add to or illuminate the meaning of holidays, historic events and specially designated months of the year, such as: Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Holy Week in Spain, Cinco de Mayo, French Mardi Gras, and more. These activities may feature traditional activities, as well as costumes, music, and art representative of the featured culture.

All of our on campus events are provided to our campus community FREE OF CHARGE.

Students may also take advantage of free or discounted tickets for a variety of off-campus cultural events, activities, and performances throughout San Diego County as the result of our community partnerships with such organizations as the La Jolla Playhouse, The Old Globe Theatre, the San Diego Repertory Theatre, Mo’olelo Performing Arts Group, the San Diego Opera, and others. For more information about current programming at some of San Diego’s local theatres, ticket discounts, and more, click on the following links:

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