World Cultures Program


Evaluation of Cultural Enrichment Through an Examination and Celebration of World Cultures

Chinese New Year Scholarship with VP Susan Topham
Chinese New Year Scholarship with VP Susan Topham

Director: Elizabeth Meehan,
Program Assistant: Josh Gardner,

We are located on the campus of
San Diego City College
1313 Park Blvd.
AH 509a
Phone: (619) 388-3552

Fall 2017 World Cultures

World Cultures Program Mission Statement

Started in the mid-‘80s with funds from the estate of Frank Curran, former mayor of San Diego, the program’s mission is to increase the understanding, appreciation, and celebration of global human diversity on the SDCC campus and in the world.The World Cultures Program exposes students, faculty, staff, and the community to a broad array of film, drama, literature, lectures, and music representative of the rich cultural diversity found around the globe and across people, groups, beliefs, traditions, customs, and the arts. It provides a forum for a rich medley of artists, musicians, singers, dancers, actors, writers, historians, spokespersons for numerous causes, athletes and educators representing diverse cultures each fall and spring semester.

Every year, the World Cultures Program sponsors some 30 events on campus, with an average annual attendance of more than 3,000. Program directors provide every effort to offer a broad spectrum of programming that adequately represents the needs and desires of the campus community. When possible, World Cultures also sponsors programs hosted by various departments to add to or illuminate the meaning of holidays, historic events, and specially designated months of the year, such as, Black History Month, Women History Month, Asian-Pacific American Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Disability Month, Native American Heritage Month and more.

Events come in a variety of formats, including lectures, documentaries, dramatic and dance performances, large and small multimedia presentations, exhibits, concerts, and debates. Presented free to the campus community.