English 13A - Academic Writing Skills

Experience our new English supplemental course - a one-unit, Pass/No Pass class providing additional instructional support for ALL writing assignments from ANY discipline across the curriculum.

  • Attend lessons each week
  • Participate in a variety of workshops
  • Work with tutors on any writing assignment
  • 2.5 hour weekly time commitment

Instructor Contact

CRN: 12639 ~ Orientation: Friday, Aug. 23  ~ 9-10:15am ~ L-209

Regular class times: TBA

CRN: 14556 ~  Fridays starting Aug. 23 ~ 11-12:15pm ~ L-209

Course information

What is English 13A?

English 13A is a one-unit, self-paced supplemental English review class offered to all students who need help in writing assignments for their current courses. Students receive a grade of Pass or No Pass based on a two and a half hour minimum weekly time-on-task commitment. Further details will be posted soon!

Tutorial assistance is available through the English Center tutorial staff to aide students in better understanding the course material presented in the students' individual Study Plans. Please keep in mind the tutors are there to help students better understand the material, not to provide correct answers.