Evaluation of Cultural Enrichment Through an Examination and Celebration of World Cultures

History and Mission Statement

Started in the mid-'80s with funds from the estate of Frank Curran, former mayor of San Diego, the World Cultures Program's mission is to increase the understanding, appreciation, and celebration of human diversity on the SDCC campus and in the world.

Experience global culture through film, drama, literature, expert speakers, and the arts. World Cultures events encourage understanding, appreciation, and celebration of human diversity on our campus and in the world. Explore beliefs, cultures, and art. World Cultures guests include artists, musicians, dancers, actors, writers, historians, activists, community leaders, athletes, and educators.

World Cultures highlights the interests of the campus community, by encouraging faculty from many departments to host programs illuminating areas of expertise. See the night sky in the planetarium, engage in historic events, and participate in interactive exhibits. Listen to your muse, take in a performance of City College theater, dance, or music. Celebrate specially designated months of the year; such as Black History Month, Asian-Pacific American Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Disability Awareness Month, and Native American month.

Director: Michelle Chan, mchan001@sdccd.edu
Program Assistant: Kelly Giang, kgiang@sdccd.edu 


World Cultures Committee Members

  • Lori Erreca 
  • Elizabeth Meehan 
  • Michelle Chan 
  • Neary Sim 
  • Kelly Giang 
  • Arnie Schoenberg 
  • Shane Haggard 
  • Roberto Rubalcaba 
  • Katie Rodda 
  • Lisa Chaddock 
  • M. Adrian Downing-Espinal 
  • Sofia Laurein 
  • Jelena Bodinet 
  • Karen Malfara
  • Elizabeth Meehan
  • Ellen Turkel 
  • James Covalt 
  • Lisa Will 
  • Susan Hasagawa