This page contains the professional development calendar and highlights activities that are coordinated by the Professional Development office.



Featured Activities

 FLYER - MS Office Skills Training

For Classified Professionals and Supervisors: MS Office Skills Training

The District Office Professional Development Department is happy to present workshops and training opportunities which are made possible this year by the Classified School Employee Professional Development Block Grant provided through Assembly Bill (AB) 1808. 

An expanded menu of workshops and training opportunities for all District Classified Professionals will be provided soon, showing more activities through June of 2020. These training opportunities will begin with Microsoft Office (Excel and Outlook) training beginning in early December 2019 and continuing through Spring 2020. Microsoft Skills training will be presented to Classified Professionals via New Horizons Learning. Classified Professionals will be able to strengthen their skills in both Excel and Outlook programs used throughout their workday. The Microsoft Office (Excel and Outlook) trainings will be presented at twenty (20) different sessions hosted across the district on different campuses as well as at the District Office.

RSVP required! Interested Classified Professionals may register for one or more of the training sessions listed within the attached calendar by emailing the District's Professional Development office at

Be sure that you have secured permission from your supervisor to attend prior to submitting your reservation. Your supervisor or manager may also assign these workshops to Classified Professionals as part of ongoing professional development or performance improvement. Classified Supervisors and Classified Managers are also welcome to attend any of the professional development activities that will be offer throughout the year.

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FLYER - Event, Attention (Time) Management; Emotional Intelligence

Event and Attention (Time) Management; Emotional Intelligence

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 FLYER - 3-day Data Advocacy Institute (for Faculty)

Data Advocacy Institute (3-days)

The Guided Pathways team at City is recruiting participants for our data advocacy institute. Two sessions will be offered: December 17-19, 2019 and January 27-29, 2020 (9:00am to 3:00pm). The institute is a three-day on-campus professional development program designed to build the internal capacity of faculty and others to identify and evaluate relevant data for program improvement and effectiveness.

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Flyer - Data Advocacy Workshops

Become a Data Advocate!

Join us for a workshop series to increase awareness about the availability of data, increase data coaching leadership and capacity, and generate interest in institutional research among Classified Professionals, Supervisors, and Administrators, facilitated by Masa Omae, Brittney Carroll, and Susan Murray.

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Flyer - Pathway to Inclusive Leadership

Pathway to Inclusive Leadership

A Professional Development series focused on inclusive leadership skill development for all City College employees, facilitated by JONES.

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Image for Teaching/Supporting Men of Color in the Community College

Teaching/Supporting Men of Color in the Community College (online)

The professional development program on Teaching/Supporting Men of Color in the Community College is designed to enhance the preparedness of faculty, advisors, student service officers, and other support staff in the community college to facilitate success among college men of color.

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Last updated: 2019-11-15