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San Diego City College Disaster Preparedness Video - September, 2011

In keeping with the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Emergency Preparedness department directive and guidelines, San Diego City College, as part of the SDCCD, has developed a campus emergency response plan which includes a Command Team, and under that, a Campus Community Emergency Response Team (C-Cert), to work in conjunction with District College Police to act as first responders to emergencies and disasters, natural or man-made, that impact the health and safety of this campus community.

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A Guide to Safety and Security in the San Diego Community College District






College Police is the primary notification point for emergencies at City College. College Police will begin dispatching public safety services to assist the SIC (Site Incident Commander), pursuant to their policies and procedures.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED) are safe, effective, and easy to use devices to restore the heart to a normal rhythm. For more information and AED locations, please see brochure.


Emergency Callboxes have been installed in most classrooms. Most are located on the front wall (teaching area) of the classroom.    Please familiarize yourself with the red "Callbox" location in each environment.  You need to push the button for direct dial to College Police Dispatch.

Emergency Callboxes called "Talk-A-Phone", have been installed in select locations on campus.  See map for locations.  Students, faculty and staff are encoured to learn the locations of these emergency call boxes on campus and to use them for security and emergency communications.


Device for evacuating the mobility impaired up and down stairwells. The EvacuChair is located near A-225 (east wing).  If an emergency arises which requires use of the EvacuChair, please contact one of the following for assistance.
    Derrall Chandler - Facilities Services, 388-3444
    Darwin Browne - Disabled Students Services, 388-3513
    Dotti Cordell - Health Services, 388-3450
    Debra Reed - Biology, 388-3256
    Patricia Fernandez - Digital Print, 388-3444


City College is a SMOKE FREE campus. For areas adjacent City of San Diego property: Legislation was signed into law in September 2003 that expands the smoke-free zones around public buildings. Smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of a main exit, entrance, or operable window of a public building.

Smoking Cessation Program Referrals: Student Health Services, A-116, 619-388-3450.



SDCCD PoliceStudent Mental Health Counseling
Disabled Student Services (DSPS) 
Student Health Services


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CalEMA | California Emergency Management Agency
City of San Diego: Homeland Security
FEMA | Federal Emergency Management AgencyHomeland Security Threat Advisory 

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