Please Note:  The Assessment office will be closed during the week of Spring Break on March 30th, 2020- April 3rd, 2020.


Your success as a college student depends, to a large degree, on selecting the best English and math courses that fit your current skills and abilities.  The Assessment Center will assist you with determining what those course are by using our new Placement Assistant tool.

You must have an Application and City College I.D. number in order to continue with this process.

If you are a brand new student who applied to City College AFTER April 30, 2019:

  1. You received milestones/placement levels from your application and you will NOT need to complete the Placement Assistant. You should receive a message in your mySDCCD portal Message Center with your milestones/levels and next steps within two business days. 
  2. Complete the New Student Online Orientation.
  3. If you have been out of high school for over 10 years or completed high school in a foreign country, contact the Assessment Center and have your 10-digit college ID ready for further assistance.  

If you applied to City College BEFORE April 30:

  1. And you have completed English and math classes at City College, you do not need to complete the Placement Assistant.  You should be able to view your milestones/placement levels on your mySDCCD portal.
  2. If you have not previously taken an English and/or math class, please visit the Assessment Center to complete the Placement Assistant.  No appointment is necessary.
  3. If this is your first time in college, you must complete the New Student Online Orientation first and show proof of completion before completing the Placement Assistant.
Please contact the Assessment Center with any questions at 619-388-3023.  Please have your 10-digit college ID number ready.

Placement Assistant

City's Placement Assistant offers students a new way to be placed into English and mathematics courses based on self reported data. The Placement Assistant is designed to be inclusive for all students. This means that it is open to students who have not received a high school diploma and have GED scores, HiSET scores, CHSPE scores or even completed schooling in a foreign country!

If you have received a U.S. high school diploma, the Placement Assistant will utilize your high school transcript information containing the following items:  graduation year, non-weighted cumulative grade point average, last English and math classes completed and your intended major.

If you have any questions regarding your previous Placement Assistant submission, please contact our Assessment Center at (619)-388-3023.

English Placement Test for Non-Native English Speakers (English Language Acquisition - ELAC)

The ELAC Program, formerly known as ESOL, is designed to prepare students to read, write, speak and listen at a level that enables them to succeed in college courses. This test is appropriate if English is not your primary language, you are not very comfortable with English, or if you speak, read, and write your native language most of the time. The program consists of four levels and the student is assigned a level based on the results of his or her placement test.

elac chart

Milestone Placement Levels


You will receive a skill level ranging from 30 to 50 in one or more of the following areas:

  • Reading (R)
  • Writing (W)
  • Math (M)

Your results will look something like this: R50, W50, M40. Use the following tables to determine what classes you are eligible to take based on your skill level:

English Placement Chart

math chart


EXEMPTIONS:  Past Educational Achievements in Mathematics or English

You are exempt from the Placement Assistant if you have earned an Associate degree or higher, have completed English and math courses at another college/university, or have received a qualifying score on an SAT, ACT, EPT, ELM or EAP test taken within the past two years. You should bring or send official copies of their SAT, ACT, EPT, ELM or EAP test scores directly to the District Student Services office to determine readiness for English 101 or 105 and for courses with a Math 096 prerequisite. All tests must have been completed within the past 2 years.

Test Minimum Required Score
  English Math

500 - Critical Reading



550 - Evidence-Based, Reading and Writing

ACT 22 23
EPT 147 n/a
ELM n/a 50


EAP Status

1) Standard Exceeded:

Ready for college-level English coursework


1) Standard Met:

Conditionally Ready for college-level English


2) Completion of approved senior year-long course with a grade of C or better

(see course list below)

1) Standard Exceeded:

Ready for college-level English coursework


1) Standard Met:

Conditionally Ready for college-level English


2) Completion of approved senior year-long course with a grade of C or better

(see course list below)

*As of March 2016, the SAT test was redesigned and, as a result, the scoring structure was changed.

High School English Courses: High School Math Courses:

Expository Reading & Writing Course (ERWC)

AP Literature/Composition

Weighted Honors English

IB English


Math Analysis

Pre-Calculus or Calculus

AP Calculus AB or BC

AP Physics

AP Statistics


A qualifying score from the College Board Advanced Placement English or Math Exam may be taken directly to the Admissions office for consideration. Please refer to the College Catalog for AP exam score requirements.

Department Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to complete the Placement Assistant tool to determine English  and math milestones.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to complete the CELSA test to determine their English class placement.

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