Online Counseling appointments are currently unavailable.  Please utilize the"Ask the eCounselor" service (see below) for general counseling related questions.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Calling all online and evening students! 

Online Counseling services are available!

You can still meet with a Counselor even though you're not on campus! Our dynamic service is designed to provide live e-counseling appointments for you. Meet with a Counselor online, in real time, to receive educational, career, and personal counseling as it pertains to your academic success. But wait, we want to make sure you clearly understand what is in store before getting started. First, open and carefully read this  Informed Consent Statement before using our Online Counseling Services.

Live e-Appointments

Schedule an appointment with a San Diego City College Counselor to review your personal academic record, develop an education plan, discuss career and/or transfer options, and/or discuss personal challenges you may be experiencing.  A Counselor will meet with you in a live, face-to-face meeting utilizing Cisco WebEx Meeting Center technology.

  • To qualify for an online counseling appointment you need to:
    1. Be enrolled in classes for the current semester OR have previously completed courses at San Diego City College (with a current application on file).
    2. Have submitted official transcripts from all previous colleges AND an official evaluation has been completed (this is only applicable to students who have taken courses at another college/university).
  • Priority for online counseling appointments is given to enrolled San Diego City College students who are:
    1. taking ALL online and/or evening classes at City College for the current semester.
    2. pursuing a certificate or degree (major) offered at City College
    3. Students who are not taking ALL online or evening classes, or taking classes at one of our sister campuses, Mesa or Miramar, will be scheduled as available appointments permit.

Ok, I meet all eligibility and priority requirements for an online counseling appointment, now what?

  • Step 1:  Open and carefully read this E-APPOINTMENT REQUEST STATEMENT OF CONSENT 
  • Step 2:  If you agree to all the conditions set forth in the above Statement of Consent, move on to Steps 3 - 6 below. *If not, please see below. 
  • Step 3:  To request an appointment, click on the "I Agree" button below.
  • Step 4:  A new window will open with the Online Counseling scheduling calendar:
    • Available appointment times are marked with a "pencil" icon  Reserve this time slot
    • Click on the Reserve this time slot and complete the information requested in the next window (please be sure that flash is enabled  in your browser).
    • Type your full name and clearly describe the reason for your appointment (e.g., need an education plan for financial aid).
    • If you do not see a  Reserve this time slot, appointments are no longer available.  Appointments must be requested 48 hours in advance.
    • Appointments are generally scheduled in two-week intervals.

Your request will be reviewed to determine eligibility for an online appointment.  You will receive an email approving or denying your appointment request.  If your request is approved, you will receive instructions to prepare for your online appointment.  If you do not receive notification, please email Josolyn Hill, Counseling Department Supervisor, at

*If you do not agree with the Statement of Consent above, please all the Counseling Department at 619.388.3540, or stop by room A-366, to schedule an on-campus appointment.

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Get the most out of your appointment!

Have a list of questions with you to make sure we cover all the information you need during our session.

To help you generate questions and start thinking ahead about your career, we encourage you to review the academic and career resources available to you:

Be sure your computer or mobile device has a reliable internet connection and that your speakers and microphone are in working order.  If you want to "see" the counselor, be sure your webcam or camera is enabled.

Click here to learn how to join a meeting from your desktop or mobile device.

Online Counseling Appointment Attendance Policy

If you miss two (2) scheduled online appointments within a semester without a valid reason, you will not be allowed to schedule another online appointment for the rest of that same semester.  Please call the Counseling Department at 619-388-3540 if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 

Ask the e-Counselor

What if you just have a general counseling question?  Then our "Ask the e-Counselor" service is for you.  All prospective and continuing students at City College are invited to ask, via email, general counseling related questions.

For confidentiality reasons, we will not review or discuss your academic record.  If you need to review your academic record, please call the Counseling Department at 619.388.3540 to schedule an appointment or stop by room A-366 to meet with a Counselor during a "Quick Question" session.

Emails are reviewed Monday - Thursday only!  Due to the high volume of student emails, it may take 7 - 10 business days to get a reply, especially during peak periods (registration, beginning of each semester).  If you have a pressing issue, please call or stop by to see us.

Don't forget!  The e-Counselor will not review or discuss your personal academic record.  This service is strictly for general, non-specific counseling related questions.