1. Where do I go for priority registration?

    • If you are currently in the military or were discharged within the last 15 years, you may be eligible for up to 4 years of priority registration. Please visit the Veterans Office or Admissions with a copy of DD-214- member #4 to obtain priority status.
  2. Will the VA pay for a repeated class?

    • The DVA will pay for students to repeat courses where a D, F, or NP was earned. However, per San Diego Community College District Policy a student will have to petition to repeat after the 3rd
  3. What is the number of units required?

    1. For students enrolled in the Fall and Spring semester, the following number of units are required:
      1. 12 units or more (full allowance)
      2. 9 - 11 1/2 units (three-fourths allowance)
      3. 7 - 8 1/2 units (one-half allowance)
      4. 2 - 6 units (one-quarter allowance*) only chapter 31 and 1606
    2. For students enrolled in the Summer semester, the following number units are required:
      1. 6 units are full time if the length of the course(s) are 8 weeks
      2. 4 units are full time if the length of the course(s) are 6 weeks

A semester worksheet MUST be completed each semester to receive benefits

  1. Can I take online classes?

    • If you are only enrolled in online and/or hybrid classes you will only be eligible for 50% BHA. To be eligible for full BHA you must be enrolled in one resident course.
  2. What happens if I withdrawal/change a class?

    • Veterans are required to notify the office immediately when they stop attending, withdrawal, and add/drop a class. Veterans and dependents assume full liability for an overpayment and will owe money to the DVA. The DVA may deduct the funds from any federal payments.
  1. What classes will the DVA pay for?

    • The DVA will only pay for classes required for your major. Please refer to your Education Plan when registering for class and contact a counselor if you have any questions regarding your student education plan.
  2. Who do I contact for payment issues?

    • For questions regarding BHA and/or book stipend please contact the DVA directly at 1-888-442-4551.