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City Scholars 

Educate not Incarcerate.
The City Scholars Program was designed to help justice-impacted students transition to San
Diego City College. The program provides access to a range of academic, social, and emotional
support to help students facilitate their success in college.



Enroll in at least 6 units or more each

Apply for Financial Aid

As a City Scholars student you will be required to meet the following
program requirements:

  1. Complete and submit progress reports each semester
  2. Meet with Mental Health Counselor for check in/ resources within the community and campus once per semester
  3. Enroll in a Personal Growth course within the first year in college
  4. Complete a comprehensive educational plan by the end of your first year
  5. Participate in a Student Engagement Activity each semester


For more information on how to become a City Scholar, contact:

City Scholars Counselor; Andre Jones: | (619)-388-3675

City Scholars Program Specialist;
City Scholars Mental Health Counselor:
Nadine Henley, MSW, LCSW

Application Form

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