Schedule Exam with Test Proctoring Center

Adaptive Furniture Accommodation Form

Request Authorized Academic Accommodations (AAA) Letter

Test Proctoring Services


The last day to schedule all DSPS proctored exam is Friday, May 10th. 

Test-taking accommodations are authorized each semester by the DSPS Counselor. The process for timely receipt of test proctoring services in the DSPS Department requires participation from student & professor.

Step 1: Student must complete the online request 1 week before (2 weeks for final exams) the date the student is requesting to take exam. Schedule your exam by clinking on the link:  Schedule Exam with Test Proctoring Center. *If you need assistance please contact us or stop by in person to A-131

Step 2: Professor receives automatic email notification that student has scheduled exam and is prompted to submit the online form to DSPS Proctor that states parameters of the exam and has the exam attached (at least 24-48 hours before scheduled date). *If professor has questions or concerns about the scheduled date and time, please contact us.

Step 3: DSPS Department coordinates testing space, notifies student of testing location, proctors exam & returns exam back to professor.

Student Process for Adaptive Furniture (AF) Accommodation

Step 1: Student must meet with counselor to get Adaptive Furniture (AF) accommodations authorized and updated on their Authorized Academic Accommodation Letter.

Step 2: Student must register for classes for current semester.

Step 3: The student is responsible for completing the online AF request. Input the specific classrooms in which you are requesting furniture. The furniture will be placed in the order the request was received. The adaptive furniture inventory is limited so late requests will result in a delay in placement. The student is responsible for notifying us if your schedule has changed (i.e. dropped or added class)

Students please complete the Adaptive Furniture Form to submit your AF request.

Step 4: The adaptive furniture coordinator will receive notification of the student’s online requests, and verify accommodations have been authorized.

  • If the student has NOT been authorized AF for current semester, the adaptive furniture coordinator contacts the student to let them know that their request has been received but our records show they have not had an update appointment for the semester. Once the student has updated with counselor, they will need to let the adaptive furniture coordinator that they have updated and to proceed with request.

Please allow 5-7 business days after online request is submitted for furniture to be placed. For questions about status of request please contact

DSPS Accomodations, Services & Auxiliary Aides

Counseling Services

  • Disability Management Counseling
  • Academic & Career Counseling and Educational Planning
  • Campus Liaison Referrals
  • Community Liaison Referrals

Assistive Computer Software and Hardware

  • JAWS
  • Window Eyes
  • Zoom Text
  • Alternate Keyboards & Mouse
  • Large Screen Monitors
  • Talking Calculators
  • CCTV (Closed circuit TV)

Note Taking Assistance

  • NCR paper for in class notes
  • Digital recorders
  • Livescribe Smart Pens
  • Sonnocent Audio Notetaker

Alternate Media Services & Assistive Technology

  • E-Text for printed instructional materials
  • Victor Reader Stream
  • Text to Speech Software
  • Speech to Text Software
  • Enlarged Print
  • Braille (upon request)

Testing Accommodations

  • Extended Time
  • Distraction Reduced Environment
  • Individual Testing rooms
  • Alternate Test Formats
  • Audio Test Questions/Reader
  • Scribe

Accommodations for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

  • American Sign Language Interpreting
  • Real Time Captioning
  • Assistive Listening Device
  • FM Amplification
  • Video Relay Phone (619)326-4005 *VP available for student use in LRC
  • Interpreting Services Office (ISO)
  • ISO Video Relay Phone: (619) 550-3389 for notifications and cancellations

Campus Mobility Orientations

  • Mobility Orientations may be available upon request, please call to schedule
  • Campus Map lists accessible routes (Link to campus map)

Educational Assistance Classes

  • For a list of the full DSPS course offerings and descriptions please visit the DSPS Instructional Page (Link to DSPS Instructional page)
  • You can find courses taught from a disability perspective under the following disciplines: DSPS (Disability Support Programs & Services), EXSC (Exercise Science-Adapted PE), PERG (Personal Growth), LCOM (Learning Community)