On campus events and groups

To promote the personal and academic success of the student body, the Mental Health Counseling Center hosts events throughout the academic year. In addition, Student Peer Educators table weekly, Monday-Thursday, at different campus locations. Peer Educators are trained mental health advocates available to answer any questions about academic success, mental health and wellness, and what our center can do to support you.  

See below for upcoming events and current set-up locations:

Groups/workshops and events change often. Check back here or follow us on Facebook to hear about them first! 


Campus-Wide Events and Workshops: 


March 5 - SEND SILENCE PACKING - 9AM-4PM, Location: Curran Plaza

(Open to all) Raises awareness for suicide on college campuses.

March 20 -  City Women Rock - 8AM-5PM

(By nomination only) Annual event on campus featuring speakers and workshops for the empowerment of female identified students.

March 26 - Black Mental Health & Healing Justice Peer Support Training  - 9:35AM-11:05AM in MS-162

(Open to all) Training equips participants with 101 knowledge of mental health issues, myths and challenges in Black communities and provides participants with tools and skills to offer healing justice informed peer support.

March 26 - Black Masculinity (Re) Imagined - 12:45PM-2:15PM in MS-162

(Open to all) Facilitated by Yolo Akili Robinson, Founder and CEO of Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective. This training helps participants explore the relationship between mental health and Black masculinity. Breaks down stigma and barriers to accessing support, and explores how this relates to male privilege and power.



April 8 - Health and Wellness Expo - 11 AM - 2 PM - Curran Plaza

Student Health Center's annual Health and Wellness Fair, open to all students. In partnership with 30+ community resources, teaching students how to manage their health mind-body-soul. With de-stress activities, food, and giveaways.

April 13 - Is Your Story Making you Sick- 9:35AM-11AM in MS-162 (in collaboration with World Cultures)

(Open to all) This film shows how people can rewrite the toxic stories they tell themselves. The film reveals how individuals battling addiction, trauma, and depression can change their stories and transcend their pain.

April 22 - Military Ally Training: time and location TBD

(Open to all) Training on terms and concepts that allow us to be supportive, culturally-competent allies to the military/veteran community.

April 27 -  Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image - 11:10AM-12:45PM in MS-162 (in collaboration with World Cultures)

(Open to all) A documentary about body image and the industry leaders challenging society's unrealistic and dangerous standards of beauty. 



May 12 - Transcending the Stigma: Mental Health and #halfthestory  - 12:45PM-2:00PM - V-101

(Open to all) Presentation on how social media impacts mental health. Discusses tools for balancing digital wellness and redefining "success" in a highly competitive world