Our mission

The San Diego City College Upward Bound program promotes College access and completion for underserved participants through excellence and innovation in education.

Our program

The Upward Bound program administered by San Diego City College offers a motivational experiential curriculum the values cross-cultural understanding and Global awareness through intensive language development, computer technology, social science, mathematics and science instruction. The program provides a nurturing learning environment that stresses a holistic concern for the social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being of the participants. Our learning environment provides curriculum opportunities for academic accomplishment, self-governance, individual and group empowerment, and personal and cultural growth.

Who are we?

Upward Bound is about people, the faculty and staff we strive to teach, motivate, and encourage. On the participants who engage in the programs. As a member of the staff, you have a unique opportunity to live and communicate with the participants and to make an impression on their lives. Your dedication, creativity, hard work and eagerness to share your special skills and experiences with your colleagues and participants will go far in making our experience a success

What we believe

The upper bound program staff and professors believe that participants can achieve their potential in a harmonious, Multicultural, educational community of participants who demonstrate a strong desire to acquire a higher education. We believe that participant academic, social, and Spiritual Development is enhanced through building a sense of belonging, self pride, and an ethos of personal responsibility with a deep commitment to give him back to the larger community.

Program purpose and goals

Openbound is an educational opportunity outreach program to motivate and support participants from disadvantaged backgrounds and is funded by the US Department of Education. San Diego City College Upward Bound is committed to enhancing College awareness and preparedness by:

  • Providing services to eligible participants to pursue a higher college education
  • Creating a harmonious, Multicultural, educational community of participants with high potential who demonstrate a strong desire to acquire higher education.
  • Enhancing all areas of San Diego High School study by providing study skills workshops.
  • Giving participants personalized College preparation through personal counseling, academic advising, mentoring and tutorial assistance.
  • Inspiring and instructing eligible participants in specific areas of general education, Humanities and computer technology. 

Participant selection

60 participants are selected to participate through a competitive recruitment, application and interview process. The participant body represents a great diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. The program promotes the ideals of cross-cultural communication and understanding. Specific selection criteria for eligible participants are:

  • Citizen or national of the US, a permanent resident or can provide evidence from the Immigration and Naturalization Service of intent to becoming a permanent resident.
  • Low income based on the annual federal low income level guidelines and or first generation in the family to complete a four-year college education in the US.
  • Need for academic support in order to successfully pursue a program of Education Beyond High School.
  • Between the ages of 13 and 19 years old.
  • English language starter.