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Room: A-256
Phone: 619-388-3458
Hours: Fall and Spring Semesters: Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Fridays 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Room A-241
Phone: (619) 388-3475
Assist prospective and returning students with admission to the college in person or via the online OpenCCC application process; provide residency services for non-residents, international, apprenticeship and high school students; refer students for counseling and matriculation services; provide assistance with using mySDCCD portal, the online registration system; process enrollment verifications and issue student ID CARDS.


Room: : A-201 
Phone: (619) 388-3023
Schedules and administers placement tests; English and Math assessment tests


Room:  Harry West Gymnasium
Phone: (619) 388-3969
Intercollegiate teams, fall and spring sports, athletics counseling, student sports facilities


Room: B105, B202, MS Lobby
Phone: (619) 388-3548
Stocks all textbooks and supplies required for classes.  Also carries study aids, school supplies, clothing, backpacks, gift items, greeting cards, emblematic items, and general books.  Buys back books year-round.
Purchase textbooks and supplies from the bookstore online too!


Room: A-354
Phone: (619) 388-3209
The CalWORKs Believe Program offers support services to students who receive TANF/CalWORKs benefits. Specialized services have been designed to support students in their career, education and personal goals. The program also helps students understand and meet their welfare to work requirements. Services include vocational/academic counseling, job placement, work study placement and verification of welfare to work hours.


16th and B Street
Phone: (619) 388-3205
Childcare for students, educational programs, enrollment in child development courses.


Room: BT-101A
Phone: (619) 388-3880
Student newspaper published monthly


Room: A-366
Phone: (619) 388-3540
Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 am–7:00 pm; Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm
Provides personal, academic, and career counseling services including student education planning, career assessmentand research, and student success workshops.


Room: A-122
Phone: (619) 388-3513
Provides programs and services for students with disabilities in compliance with state and federal legislation.


Room: L-209
Phone: (619) 388-3633
The Center for Reading, Writing, ESOL, and Critical Thinking offers peer tutoring in reading, writing, and critical thinking assignments in classes across the curriculum.


Room: A-354
Phone: (619) 388-3209
State-funded student support services program whose purpose is to provide special recruitment, retention, and transition services to eligible students.


Room: A-301
Phone: (619) 388-3466
Determines eligibility for graduation and processes all petitions related to students' records


Room: A-270
Phone: (619) 388-3501
Assists students with financial assistance to help them achieve their educational objectives.


Room: A-213
Phone: (619) 388-3998
A year-long college support service focused on encouraging first year students towards academic achievement, social integration, and personal success with the assistance of a strong support network of peers, staff, and faculty. 


Room: AH-102
Phone: (619) 388-3512
Offers classes that allow students to study subjects in depth. The classes are designed to prepare students for university level work. The professors who teach honors provide support and encouragement, enhancing the learning experience. The program also facilitates students to utilize transfer agreements made with various universities.


See Learning Resource Center Below


Room A-241

Phone: (619) 388-3476
An Admissions Office function that reviews and processes application packets and support documents for nonimmigrant F-1 visa students; a non-refundable application fee is required of all applicants; and a certificate of eligibility (Form I-20) is issued to eligible applicants. Other services include orientations, assistance with the college admissions application, registration of classes, and information on student visas. Academic and personal counseling is provided in the Counseling Office, A building (A-366).


Room: C-125
Phone: (619) 388-3162
24-hour non-commercial radio station offering mainstream jazz and blues


Phone: (619) 388-3421
Commanding dramatic views of the San Diego skyline and the Coronado Bay Bridge, San Diego City College’s Learning Resource Center (LRC) is located in the R building which sits on the southwest corner of campus at Park Boulevard and C Street. The Library occupies the main (second) and third floors. The first floor houses the Independent Learning Center, the Multimedia Center, a videoconference room, and CitySITE (the faculty/staff development center). Digital signage provides up-to-date campus, local and international news. San Diego City College students will find that the LRC provides a multitude of services and scholarly research resources specifically selected to support their academic success.


Location: 1st floor
Phone: (619) 388-3535
The staff of the Independent Learning Center (ILC) creates a welcoming environment for independent learning experiences to improve academic skills and augment in-class activities. The ILC is the primary facility students use to complete 296 individual instruction courses. It maintains a media collection of close captioned video and DVDs in various disciplines such as Math, Black Studies, History, and Foreign Languages. The ILC provides computers with Internet access, Microsoft Office Suite, adapted software, and specialized software for students in a variety of classes. In addition, the ILC houses DVD players, CD players, VHS tape players and headphones, three black/white printers, a color printer and scanners.


Location: 2nd 3rd floors
Phone: (619) 388-3421
The Library offers an extensive collection of books, e-books, periodicals, and a robust selection of electronic reference resources and electronic periodicals appropriate for academic research and projects. Faculty-librarians are available to assist San Diego City College students with their research and through this maze of information resources. This service is available at the Library’s Information Center (reference desk), by phone, by email, or in a 24/7 reference service. (See Ask A Librarian on our website for more information.) Our knowledgeable staff provides access to reserve resources, circulation services, group study rooms and inter-library loan services between district colleges. Additionally, there are computers and wireless access. To further promote student success, librarians deliver research sessions in a smart instruction room.


Location: 1st floor
Phone: (619) 388-3418
The helpful staff of the Multimedia Center (MMC) offers the campus the educational technology required for a college in the 21st Century by providing digital signage, service for “smart” classrooms and maintenance and support of all campus-wide audiovisual equipment. Available to students is access to current technologies and the hands-on training needed to create successful classroom presentations. Via requests through the Student Affairs Office, the MMC furnishes the technical assistance for campus wide student events.


See Learning Resource Center above.


Room: L-208
Phone: (619) 388-3580
Hours: M-Th 10am-6pm; Fri 9am-3pm
Provides both walk-in tutoring and self-paced math courses. It offers students several ways to complete their remedial math requirements (Math 38 – Pre-Algebra, Math 46 - Elementary Algebra and Geometry, and Math 96 - Intermediate Algebra and Geometry). Math Center Programs provide students with scheduling flexibility, individualized pacing, a variety of learning modalities, and the ability to overcome pre-requisites or course repetition blocks. The three programs are on-campus Math Center courses, Online Self-Paced courses and Online Refresher courses.


Room: A-180 (Student Health Center)
Phone: (619) 388-3055
We offer free and confidential individual, couples and family therapy to students who are enrolled and attending classes at San Diego City College. Our goal is to help students benefit fully from the college experience by supporting their personal, social, and emotional wellbeing. To get more information or to set up an appointment please drop by A180 (you can find us under the mural), call Mental Health Counseling at 619.388-3055 or click here to request an online appointment. Culturally sensitive services are offered by diverse professionals including Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, Associate Clinical Social Workers, Associate Marriage & Family Therapists, Associate Professional Clinical Counselors, as well as graduate level trainees and interns. See also Student Health Clinic for additional health and wellness support.


Room: T-393
Phone: (619) 388-3156
Supports economically and educationally disadvantaged students to excel in math, engineering, and science-based majors and to successfully transfer to four-year institutions.


See Learning Resource Center


Room: V-100
Phone: (619) 388-3461 
Campus parking information and enforcement, parking permit sales


Room: V-100 
Police Dispatch - #619.388.6405 
Phone: (619) 388-3461 
Emergency assistance, campus security and safety, campus escort service


Room A-241 
Phone: (619) 388-3474 
Facilitate the maintenance and disposition of student records; receive and process transcripts, enrollment verifications, and petitions; assist Faculty with grades processing.


Room: M-200 
Phone: (619) 388-3498 
Offers the following support services: Scholarship Services, Emergency Book Loans, Fee Deferments, Associated Student Government, Clubs and Organizations, Student Activities, Student Activities Cashier, and monthly Bus-Pass Sales. Provides assistance in all aspects of student life activities such as programming and student leadership development, and processes student grievances and student conduct issues.


Room: M-200 
Office of Student Affairs/Associated Student Government 
Phone: (619) 388-3498 
(619) 388-3412 
City College is home to a thriving student life program consisting of over 25 active clubs and organizations. For information on existing clubs or on starting a new club, contact the Office of Student Affairs or the Associated Student Government Office.


Business Technology building - BT 313
Phone: (619) 388-3892
Fall and Spring semesters

BUSE 230 Small Business Operation A, B, and C are lecture courses offered through the School of Business - Small Business Entrepreneurship Program.  In conjunction with BUSE 270 Business Internship / Work Experience lab course, students earn 3.5-units of college credit and gain hands-on business experience as interns operating student-run businesses on campus.  The businesses typically operate fall and spring semesters, Monday - Thursday.  Hours vary and are posted at each business.  

Business Resource Center (BRC) - BT 313   
(619) 388-3892; Monday - Thursday, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
(Days and times subject to change.)
The Business Resource Center is a business hub in the Business Technology building, offering copy and fax services, access to computers for printing homework, school and office supplies, and a variety of snacks and drinks.  Cash only.  Stop in for a quick print, scantron, cold drink, snack, and more.

Fantastique - BT 311H   
(619) 388-3892; Monday - Thursday, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
(Days and times subject to change.)
Fantastique is a student run clothing resale store. Gently used women's and men's clothing suitable for interviews, work, or school is for sale at very low prices.  Cash only.  Profits from Fantastique support the City College Food Pantry.

Donations of clean, gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories suitable for a student to wear to in a professional setting are sincerely appreciated. Items can be dropped off at any of the three Small Business Entrepreneurship Program businesses, or call our interns in the Business Resource Center to schedule a pick-up at (619) 388-3892. If you wish to donate by check, please address to: San Diego City College Foundation - Fantastique.  Thank you.

City College Emergency Food Pantry - BT 211A
Fall and Spring hours:  Monday - Thursday, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM; Friday, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Summers hours:  Monday - Thursday, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM; closed Friday

The The San Diego City College Emergency Food Pantry supports enrolled students in need by providing prepackaged items suitable for an on-campus lunch or meal. Meals are generally an entrée in a package or pull top can and a granola bar, fruit cup, or other snack, along with a water cup, bowl, utensil, and/or napkin. Our goal is to help students stay nourished so they can stay focused on their studies.

The City College Emergency Food Pantry is a project operated by student interns and generously supported through kind donations from the staff and faculty of City College, community partners, private individuals, neighbors, and friends. This special program accepts donations of checks and grocery store gift cards.  If you wish to donate by check, please address to: San Diego City College Foundation - Food Pantry.  If you would like to donate lunch or snack items, canned or dry goods, and/or personal hygiene or care items, please contact Dr. Leroy Brady at lbrady@sdccd.edu.  Thank you.

Donations:   Donations of pre-packaged food items for the City College Food Pantry, gently used business clothing for the Fantastique clothing resale store, gift cards, or checks are sincerely appreciated.  Items can be dropped off at any of the three Small Business Entrepreneurship Program businesses, or call our interns in the Business Resource Center to schedule a pick-up at (619) 388-3892.  If you have questions or would like to donate to these wonderful businesses that support students, please contact: Dr. Leroy Brady at lbrady@sdccd.edu.  Thank you.


Room: A-180 for Medical/Nursing Care 
Phone: (619) 388-3450 

YOU ARE COVERED at Student Health Center! Our staff is here to help you meet your health and wellness needs. Registered nurses, nurse practitioners and a medical doctor provide both preventive and primary health care services. Walk-in care and appointments are available. We encourage you to drop by or call us at 619-388-3450. For the Mental Health Counseling Center, please refer to the Mental Health descriptor above.


Phone: (619) 388-3652 
San Diego City College offers students the opportunity to study in different countries around the world in order to develop global competence and to increase cultural awareness while making progress towards completion of academic goals. Ten to twelve-week semester programs are available during the fall and spring semesters. Short-term programs are usually available during the summer. Classes offered abroad meet general education requirements, are selected to take advantage of the host country's history, environment, and culture, and transfer to CSU and UC. Most instruction is provided by California Community College professors.


Room: A-301
Phone: (619) 388-3722 
Information resources for career exploration, transfer to a four-year institution, and employment assistance.


Room: L-205 
Phone: (619) 388-3685 
Free tutoring in most subjects is available to students.


Room A-241
Phone: (619) 388-3504 
Accept and process required documentation for eligible veterans and dependents to receive military service connected educational benefits; and refer students for counseling and orientation as needed.


Room: A-1J 
Phone: (619) 388-3495 
Occupational work experience, combine worksite learning and academic instruction, credit while you work as an intern


Room: AH-102b 
Phone: (619) 388-3552 
Provides programming focused on diversity in support of the college curriculum and campus life.