Resources for Program Review at San Diego City College - Fall 2018

Program Review Comprehensive Plans should be submitted in Taskstream by November 1, 2018. Below is a suggested timeline to engage stakeholders in planning and have the necessary information in time to meet the deadline:

  • Clarify responsibilities for documenting dialogue within programs and entering information into Taskstream
  • Develop agendas for program/unit discussions in September and October
  • Review current Program Outcomes, ISLO mapping, and assessment results (data packets will be published in early September)
  • Use the Guiding Questions from the template below for reviewing results
  • Document dialogue using the meeting template or a comparable format
  • Enter updates on Comprehensive Goals and assessment results for Program Outcomes into Taskstream
  • Document dialogue using the meeting template
 November 1
  • Complete required entries in Taskstream and upload completed resource request forms