Mandatory staff training will require the closure of Enrollment Services (Admissions, Records & Veterans office) on Friday October 25th. 


**Enrollment Services have relocated to A-241: Admissions, Records & Veterans.** 

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Priority Registration

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Course Reinstatement

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The mission of Enrollment Services is to recruit and admit a diverse student population that reflects the community we serve regionally, nationally, and internationally. We provide the highest quality of professional service to prospective and enrolled students by ensuring effective communication and support of college admission and enrollment policies and standards. We foster student confidence in their academic and career goals by making the admission, enrollment and certification process informative, accessible, and inclusive.

As an institution of higher learning we are committed to educating and empowering our students to become leaders and advocates who will serve their communities in various roles. We support early college awareness programs that provide opportunities for students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue higher education, including first generation college students, high school students, and those affiliated with the military.


Students will...

  • Demonstrate their ability to maneuver through the online process using the online class schedule and registration system.
  • Access the student services website at home or by using designated computers on campus.
  • Be supported with hands-on training by knowledgeable staff. Staff will be available to assist our diverse student population who may require assistance with online services pertaining to registration, the class schedule and other campus resources.
  • Identify other key resources on campus that are necessary for successful completion of their educational goals.