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SDCCD Online Learning Pathways

Quality Online Learning

Learn anytime, anywhere with our convenient, flexible online courses that fit your busy schedule. Enjoy interactive communication with your classmates and instructor as you complete your coursework in an engaging, supportive learning environment. Our quality online courses are developed and taught by experienced instructors from our three colleges--City College, Mesa College, and Miramar College.

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The Honors Program is open to any student who meets appropriate general and departmental criteria. Honors classes are designed to provide strongly motivated students with a more in-depth or cross disciplinary curriculum and a highly interactive classroom experience.

The Honors core curriculum, "A World of Ideas," is intended for prospective transfer students who are interested in a multicultural, multinational perspective in their courses. The goal of the program is to facilitate and increase transfer to the University of California, California State University, and distinguished private universities, as well as to enhance employability for vocational students.

Special transfer agreements also exist for City College Honors students at the following four-year colleges and universities: UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, USC, Pomona College, Occidental College, SDSU, Pepperdine University, Chapman University, Whitman College and Pitzer College. For information on eligibility requirements and course offerings, see the schedule of classes or call 619-388-3512.

The Honors Program is open to all students (part-time or full-time, day or evening) and can be found in all disciplines (vocational, liberal arts, fine arts, sciences, business, etc.). For specific criteria and other information, please consult the schedule of classes or contact the campus Honors Coordinator.

Students enrolled in an Honors section (including an honors contract), may not transfer to a regular section after the deadline to make a schedule adjustment for the class. Petition for Honors Credit after the course has been completed will not be permitted.

Off-Campus Programs

City College offers credit courses at various locations throughout San Diego such as the Educational Cultural Complex (ECC), military bases, and other educational and social service agency sites. These classes are open to all City College students and are designed to provide an opportunity for students to attend classes in the community that are short term, easily accessible, and have convenient parking. Off-Campus courses are listed in the class schedule each semester under the subject in which they are offered. Classes held at the ECC location are also listed in the ECC section of the class schedule. If you have questions about enrolling in off-campus classes, call the Off-Campus Programs office at 619-388-3924 or 619-388-4883.

Study Abroad Programs

San Diego City College offers students the opportunity to study in different countries around the world in order to develop global competencies and to increase cultural awareness while making progress towards completion of academic goals.

Classes are held at educational institutions in the host country. Field trips, excursions, and visits to sites of cultural and historical interest are components of the program. Housing arrangements include family home stays, student apartments, and/or residence halls. Costs vary from $5,900 to $6,900 for semester programs and are less for summer programs. Financial aid is available for students who qualify and sometimes scholarships are offered.

Semester Abroad Programs: These enhanced learning opportunities have been offered every semester in countries such as the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Argentina, Australia, France, Spain, and Italy. Courses are taught by faculty from California community colleges. Classes offered abroad meet general education requirements, are mostly CSU and UC transferable, and are selected to take advantage of the host country's history, environment, and culture.

Summer Abroad Programs 

Programs from 10 days to 4 weeks in length are often available during the summer for college credit. Spanish immersion in Mexico has been offered; as well as, photography in Italy and the United Kingdom, and graphic design and dance in Mexico.

Contact Information: Additional information is available from the International Education Coordinator at 619-388-3652.

Dean's List

A Dean's Honor List is compiled at the close of each academic year (Fall and Spring). To be eligible for the Dean's Honor List, a student must complete 12 units or more during the academic year and have earned a grade point average of 3.5 or better.

Cooperative Work Experience

Under certain circumstances, students can receive academic credit for their current employment or volunteer service. For registration information, call 619-388-3475 or contact the Work Experience Office in A-111 at the beginning of each semester.

Distance Education

For those students who need (because of child care, health, or scheduling problems) an alternative way to attend college, City College offers a broad range of courses on-line. The majority of instructional time will be spent viewing the programs and completing assigned readings in the text and/or workbook, however, these courses also meet on campus several times during the semester.

Check the current schedule of classes for a listing of Distance Education courses. For more information, please contact the Distance Education Office at 619-388-3534.

Class Attendance

Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes they are no longer attending.

Students who remain enrolled in a class beyond the published withdrawal deadline will receive an evaluative letter grade. See the details for each class in the online schedule for these important dates.