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Academic & Career Pathways

City College is here to help you find your path to success and reach your goals. Our academic and career pathways (ACPs) are designed to help you explore related programs in the areas that interest you and you are passionate about. Choose what you want to do, and we will help you get there! 

Find My Path

Still exploring? Do you need a little more help finding your path? Don't worry, we can help get you there!

Arts, Media, Performance, and Design

Explore programs and careers in art, dance, graphic design, music production, theater, radio, TV, film and more!

Graduating High School StudentsFind My Path

ArtsList of Programs

Business, Info Tech, and Trades 

Explore programs and careers in business, cosmetology, cybersecurity, electricity, HVAC, machine technology and more!


Explore programs and careers in kinesiology, personal training, nursing and more! 

BusinessList of Programs

First Time StudentsList of Programs

Math, Sciences, Engineering, and Environment

Explore programs and careers in agriculture, astronomy, biology, engineering and more! 

Social and Behavioral Sciences, Language, Identity, Culture, and Education

Explore programs and careers in AODS, child development, communications, history, languages, political science, psychology and more! 

StudentsList of Programs

Behavioral SciencesList of Programs