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Inter-Club Council (ICC) - Student Clubs and Organizations

Welcome to City College!


A Special Message From Our ICC President

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Hello and welcome to San Diego City College! My name is Kaitlyn Moore, the Inter-Club Council (ICC) President at City College! Starting a new club can be an exciting experience, and it takes a good team to put it together. I am here to assist in any way possible to make that goal a reality!  The ICC looks for ways to introduce new clubs and organizations to the campus community because staying connected to others is an essential part of student life. Before becoming ICC President, I was a club observer, where I would log into a couple of various club meetings each week to see which ones suited my interest. I soon realized that the clubs at City College bring people together! I plan to help unite students, faculty, staff and clubs/organizations to spread positivity through outreach and activities. Whether you plan to start a new club or renew an existing club on campus, virtually or as a hybrid club (part online/part on campus), I will be there to guide your through the process. Thank you for joining The San Diego City College Family! I look forward to meeting you and supporting your clubs’ endeavors!

ICC (Inter-club Council) is a forum, which helps clubs collaborate and strengthen their efforts on campus. The ICC provides guidance, various workshop opportunities to all new and existing clubs on campus, valuable networking opportunities, and seeks to increase and promote all clubs on campus.
Your club should be sending at least one representative to each ICC meeting so they can promote and support your respective club and activities. ICC meetings will take place weekly on Tuesdays beginning February 21st.  

ICC Weekly Hybrid Meetings
Tuesdays from 1:30-2:30 PM

In Person:  M-201
Virtual Zoom Link:

ICC Office:  M-201
ICC Phone: TBD
ICC Email: 

Student Clubs and Organizations

City College has nearly 30 student clubs and organizations--each as different as the students we serve. We pride ourselves on the diverse backgrounds, interests, and cultures found on our campus.

Joining a club is one of the best ways to get involved on campus. Interested in joining, or maybe starting, one? For information, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 619-388-3498 or visit us at M-200.

Click here for latest Club Directory.

Summary of Clubs List


Mandatory Club Orientation: All advisors and students interested in starting a new club are required to view the Online Advisor/Student Club Orientation. You may access the presentation here. Please send a confirmation email to Marian Rodriguez once you have reviewed the presentation.

There are a lot of exciting things happening here at City. Join a club and be part of the excitement. To learn more, contact the Office of Student Affairs at (619) 388-3498. 

Important Student Club Forms

Below is a list of resources to aim to support clubs and assist with creating events on campus that promote the clubs purpose.