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Classified Senate


Sean Ryan President
Ira-Marie Garcia Vice President
Kenia Ponce Secretary

Salvador Guzman


To request a Classified representative to serve on a shared governance committe, including search committees, please submit this form:

The Classified Senate President and VP, along with the SPAA representative, will be working collaboratively to make shared governance and requesting representation as easy as possible. Due to the DL for Classified Contract having both SPAA and Classified in it, we would like to have requests for committee call out get funneled through only 1 process.

      Please submit questions, suggestions, and concerns you have for the Classified Senate with the following form. This form is anonymous. If you would like a response to an inquiry, please include your name and / or email, the Classified Senate will respond to any requests for response within a week of submission.

      Each semster, the Classified Senate hosts a forum with our campus Exectuive Leaders and will have an opportunity to address concerns that we gather from these inquires.                               


The Classified Senate is open to all Classified Professionals.  If you'd like to be involved with the senate in any way, please consider being a senator on the board.

We officially have seats on the board for: 

1 representative working in Instructional Services

1 representative working in Administrative Services

1 representative working in Student Services

1 representative working in Campus Police/Bookstore/Food Services

1 representative working in SPAA

Otherwise, you may also just let us know how you would like to contribute to the senate, and we can talk about it.  The more, the merrier!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact one of our Executive Board Members

Thursdays, 2 PM - 3 PM, D-121B

Classified Senate Open Meetings are open to the campus. For presenting on the agenda at a future meeting, please contact: Sean Ryan, , 1 week prior to the meeting. Each meeting has a short program for a theme, but items can be added to agendas for meetings on any topic relating to the Classified Senate.

Feb. 22

March 21

April 25

May 16


  • Preside over all Senate Exec and Open meetings
  • Serve as the Senate's representative at these meetings - College Council (2 times a month), DGC (2 times a month), Strategic Planning Committee (2-3 times a semester)     
  • Chair the Executive Committee
  • Represent Classified at City College Graduation each year
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, except Elections
  • Serve as liaison with the Faculty Senate, Student Council and any associations(s) as directed by the Senate
  • Oversee all financial spending
  • Perform other duties as may be specified by the Senate


  • Serve for the President, with signature authority, during any temporary absence
  • Represent the President as directed by the Senate or President
  • Attend meetings in absence of President if needed
  • Lead in planning and organizing events, fundraiser, conference and training
  • Chair the Membership Committee
  • Chair the Classified Senate Professional Development Committee
  • Perform other duties as may be specified by the Senate


  • Issue calls to meetings, publish and distribute agendas and minutes of all monthly and general meetings of the Senate 
  • Conduct all routine correspondence pertaining to the Senate and Executive Committee 
  • Reserve rooms for meetings and trainings
  • Maintain the records (electronic and hard copy) of the Senate 
  • Chair the Fundraising Committee
  • Chair the Social/Courtesy Committee
  • Attend meetings in absence of President if needed
  • Perform other duties as may be specified by the Senate


  • Coordinate the collection of all membership donations
  • Deposit funds in a local bank/savings account in the name of the Senate (will need credit check) and maintain account
  • Issue checks for expenses incurred and authorized by the Senate
  • Oversee Senate campus funds
  • Maintain a record of all receipts and disbursements of Senate monies and make all records available for audit
  • Provide a financial report at each senate meeting
  • Maintain the SDCC Classified Senate website
  • Attend meetings in absence of President if needed
  • Perform other duties as may be specified by the Senate

Adopt-a-Family is an annual benefit to support City College students and their families during the month of Decemeber.

2023 was a huge success, with over $2,000 donated we were able to gift over 50 families with gift cards !

We are looking to expnad this program throughout the year, look for more opportunites for benefit drives to come

Thank you for your time, consideration and generous contributions, especially at during these times.

The Classified Senate invites you to participate in our Professional Development Activities. They are available for all Classified Professionals to attend. Registration is not required.

  • Senate Professional Development meeting dates:  1st & 3rd Mondays, 2pm to 3pm; Virtual (email for details)
  • Senate Open Office Hours (Meet with the President and Senate members) 3rd Tuesdays, 8:30am - 9:30am, Room A-305B
  • Campus Forum for Classified with Executive Team - Thursday, March 21, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm, Cafeteria
  • Classified Appreciation Week: June 10 - 14

For questions or concerns, please contact: Sean Ryan, Classified Senate Pres., 

2024 Classified Appreciation Week     June 10 - 14

Details to come!

At times, when we have gatherings, we are lucky to be able to give gifts and prizes!!  Here are some of the things our Classified Professionals have received:


T-shirts  -  Virtual Background  Contests  -  Virtual BINGO  -  Starbucks  Gift Cards  -  Participent  Drawings  -  Random Gift Baskets  -  Drawings for Gift Cards


The VEBA Resource Center:   

The VEBA Resource Center is a new, cutting edge holistic health center for VEBA members, designed to provide personalized care for you and your family.

New location: 5520 Ruffin Rd, San Diego, CA 92123


Visit our website:

Contact us:



The San Diego Community College District is committed to legal compliance, as well as to provide as much support as possible for screening committees to successfully navigate through the hiring process.

The California Code of Regulations, Title 5 and the SDCCD EEO Plan collectively require that all persons who are involved in the recruitment and screening/selection of personnel must be trained on equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws, regulations and policies as well as education on the benefits of workforce diversity and ways to eliminate bias from the hiring process.

Completion of the "EEO and Diversity Training for Screening/Selection Committees"qualifies you to serve in any capacity (on the screening/selection committee) for 3 years from the date of your training. If you anticipate participating on a District Screening Committee, in any capacity, you are encouraged toclick here to view the training schedule and register.  If you will be the chairperson of a screening committee in the near future, you will need to ensure that your committee members have received this training in advance of their service on your committee.  Your efforts now will help avoid unnecessary delay to your committee since screening and interviewing cannot proceed until all committee members have completed this training.