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Welcome to the San Diego City College Outreach Website! 

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Our goal is to inform, support, and guide prospective students, families, agencies, and the community through interest, exploration, and enrollment to our institution. The Outreach Office aims to empower students by providing the most up-to-date information, program contacts, and clear pathways to successfully matriculate through the enrollment process. 



When can you get started at San Diego City College?

Flyer showing the services and hours offered by Outreach at City.

Are you a prospective student or supporting someone who is looking to Get Started at City?  The San Diego City College Outreach Office is here to support you not only with enrolling to the college, but ensuring you are connected to all of the support services and programs at City that are dedicated to ensuring your experience here is a great one!



San Diego City College has created nine customized enrollment pathways to join the City Family! 

The San Diego City College Steps Website provides custom get started pathways to begin your time at city. Each step has contact information of staff that can support you as well as a link to schedule an appointment for support!

Click here to visit the City Steps Website to get started! 

The San Diego City College Outreach Team is here to support you with getting started at City. 

City Outreach Mentors are available to support you with anything you need for San Diego City College! Have questions? We can help! 
Need help completing your steps to enrollment? City Mentors can help!
Want to learn more about City and who can support you? City Mentors can help!

To request an appointment, submit our City Ready Support Request!

Click here to submit a City Ready Support Request!

Please allow 48 hours for us to schedule an appointment with you!
Want support now, please call us at 619.800.2308


You can also email us at 

Are you a school, event organizer, community member, or service provider who would like to request support from the San Diego City College Outreach office?

The San Diego City College Outreach office aims to provide interactive services through interest, exploration, and enrollment to our institution while to informing, supporting, and guiding prospective students, families, agencies, and the community to our college!

The San Diego City College Outreach Office Menu of Services! 


The City Insight Session!
The City Insight Session was developed to provide prospective, considering, and students in the process of enrolling insights on: - Who San Diego City College, Who can support you at City, How to pay for City, How City is incorporated to the educational system in California, What you can pure at City, and much more. Sessions are hosted by City Outreach Professional Staff and Student Outreach Ambassadors to provide perspective from both individuals. 


City's Next Session!
The City's Next session bring Outreach staff to support a group of students with the entire enrollment process through registration for classes! 
Application for Admission
Application for Financial Aid: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Application for the San Diego Promise! 
Application for Financial Aid: California Dream Act Application
New Student Orientation Support
New Student Educational Planning Session Support
mySDCCD Student Portal Support
Class Registration via the mySDCCD student portal


City Connect Session
City Connect Sessions can be deliver in several modalities. Informational Tabling, Brief Information speech/ presentation, Event presence, or others. These sessions bring Outreach staff to provide the latest informational/ support materials to our community. 
Informational Tabling
Brief Speech
Event Presence
The City InfoKnight!
The City InfoKnight incorporates elements and insight from our City Insight Session, but brings additional (Specific based on who you request) Faculty, Staff and Administrators to your group of students. Presenters will provide insight and connection to specific programs, services or offices. 70 student minimum.
If you do not see a service you are looking for, schedule a Customized City Outreach Plan to make it happen!



Click here to schedule San Diego City College Outreach Services!

Customized City Outreach Plan Request!

The San Diego City College Outreach understands all populations of prospective students, families, school campuses, organizations, communities, and business are distinct in the services that may impactful and needed. The San Diego City College Outreach staff is available to develop a customized CITY OUTREACH PLAN to ensure you, your community, or the individuals you serve have a seamless pathway to our College, while ensuring they are connected, supported, and have developed a belonging to the City Family!


The request a customized City Outreach plan click here!




The San Diego City College Outreach Calendar of Events!


Join the San Diego City College monthly email update!

Each month, the San Diego City College outreach office will send you important about San Diego City College. Upcoming events and services, and key insights needed to support the ones you serve to San Diego City College!

Click here to sign up for the City Outreach email update!



The City Insight Session


The City GradKnight! 


Learn more about the San Diego City College Outreach office! 

Clarissa Padilla, Acting Outreach Coordinator

Phone Number:  619-388-3496



Edwidge Dupard, Student Services Technician

Phone Number: 619-800-2308




Eric Flores, Senior Student Services Assistant

Phone Number: 619-800-2308



Remote and In-person hours for the Outreach Office.

Monday: 8:00am-5:00pm

Tuesday: 8:00am-5:00pm

Wednessday: 8:00am-5:00pm

Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm

Friday:  Closed

Phone or text: 619.800.2308



We are located on campus in the "A" building in room A-250

Increase the number of students from our feeder high schools

Improve the Outreach Ambassadors Program

Students that attend Outreach presentations will enroll at San Diego City College


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