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Gender Studies

This program is currently not being offered.

The role gender plays within our society is often subtle and goes unrecognized. Learning how these roles shape our daily life revel the attitudes, assumptions and barriers we in society have around gender.

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary study of gender, looking at race, ethnicity, socialization, and how gender roles play out in different arenas, such as the family, media and the work place. You'll explore how your beliefs, actions, values and relationships affect how you view the social construct of our world.

Gender Studies provides an enriched learning experience for anyone who wants to explore the human condition and strengthen our society. It's also valuable for anyone planning to transfer to a four-year institution to study programs in the Humanities or Liberal Arts.

101 Introduction to Gender Studies 3 hours lecture, 3 units Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Option

This course is an interdisciplinary study of gender. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical approaches to studying gender. These approaches include examining the impact of race/ethnicity in gender roles, socialization of men and women, and the role of gender in major institutions (for example, the family, media, and education). This course is designed for developing critical thinking skills in exploring issues of gender through feminist analysis of structures of privilege and oppression. This course will be useful for those considering careers in the social sciences, social work, teaching, counseling, and nursing. (FT) AA/AS; CSU; UC; C-ID SOCI 140.