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MESA Program

The MESA Program is the best academic support and transfer program for math, engineering and science majors. 

The secret is "culture"! MESA has an explicit culture of success with a language of success. More than a program or community, MESA is family, with shared beliefs, practices, and behaviors designed for student success. The students are the best part of the MESA family! MESA students are Creators, take responsibility for their learning, and achieve success. 

The MESA Program has a home on campus where MESA Creators get the help and support they need to be successful in college, including:

  • Tutoring for math, science and engineering classes
  • Counseling to help students choose their classes and get the services they need
  • FREE resources for students like textbooks, computers and calculators
  • Scholarship Information and help to apply for scholarships (money!)
  • Connections to industry to meet professionals, learn about companies and careers, and get internships to gain industry experience
  • And much, much more!


MESA Creators have common majors, common classes and common interests. They are proud to be MESA Creators, truly care about each other, and support each other.



The MESA Program has high expectations for MESA students. MESA does not question a student's potential. Instead, there are two questions for any student wishing to be a part of the MESA culture:

  1. How committed are YOU to achieving YOUR goals?
  2. How strong is YOUR foundation for learning?



When faced with a choice, what role do YOU choose? Do you blame others, complain and make excuses? Creators accept responsibility, take action and seek solutions.  MESA students are Creators! 


Learn more, see Self-saboteur/Creator handout (PDF).



To build a house, you must begin with a strong foundation. The same is true for learning: student success begins with a strong foundation for learning. Every student has a foundation for learning, but not every student has a strong foundation. This is what MESA does best - helps students to strengthen their foundation.

As the cornerstone of the MESA culture, the MESA Foundation for Learning identifies what students need in their "foundation" to be successful learners, including:

  • an awareness of what is needed for college readiness and success,
  • an understanding and use of successful approaches, strategies, plans and personal strengths,
  • support and tools for success.


All new MESA students are first trained on the MESA Foundation for Learning.



The MESA model consists of three key elements:

1 - Foundation for Learning

2 - Activities for Academic, Professional and Personal Development

3 - MESA Program "Capstone"


The MESA "Capstone" identifies the purpose for the learning: it guides all MESA Creators on their journey in life. The Capstone has four qualities that all MESA Creators aspire to achieve:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom


With FREEDOM as the ultimate goal, nothing can stop MESA Creators from being successful.

 Learn more, see the MESA Capstone handout (PDF)



Choose to be a MESA Creator!  Join the MESA Program and find your success. You owe it to yourself.


Academic Eligibility - Students must have a math milestone level of 50 (M50) or have completed intermediate algebra (Math 96) AND must intend to transfer to a four-year institution in a math-based major, i.e. biology, chemistry, engineering, math, physics, etc. (Note: Students who are current university students or have previously earned a bachelor's degree in any major are not eligible for the MESA Program).


Economic Eligibility - Students must be eligible for one or more of the following:*

  • Board of Governor's Waiver (BOGW)
  • EOPS
  • CalWORKs/TANF (formerly AFDC)
  • Need-based financial aid.
  • TRIO program
  • Gain

* Note: Other economic eligibility qualifications may apply





Please click here to complete a MESA interest form to receive next steps for applying to the MESA Program. The application deadline is Friday, September 10th.


MESA Center hours (Room T-393): 

  • Monday - Thursday: 8 am - 5 pm
  • Friday: 8 am - 12 pm


For more information, please click here to submit any questions that you may have about the MESA Program.