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Peer Mentor Services

The San Diego City College: Outreach & Community Relations Are - Peer Mentor Lab strives to deliver intentional support services to ensure YOU are able to achieve your personal, vocational, career, and educational goals through San Diego City College!

We're here to help you, reach out! 

Call or text us: 619.800.2739
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City Peer Mentor Lab Spring 2021 Update! 

The City VIP Appointment!

The City VIP Appointment will aim to connect with City students in getting supported from on campus program/ services, troubleshooting online services/ programs, and, ensuring we build connecting and strengthen the belonging to the City Family! City Peer Mentor will connect with City Students to support them with anything they need to succeed!

 city vip

The City Peer Mentor Lab Canvas Resource Shell!

The City Peer Mentor Lab  Canvas Resource Shell will bring the important information, and insights needed to San Diego City College Students to stay informed, supported, and connected to our campus community. The Resource shell will be updated weekly with video resources, and direct messages from our campus community!

Peer Mentor Lab - Canvas Resource Shell:

Upcoming Programs and Services