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Planning processes at City College are designed to support institutional excellence and continuous improvement. By engaging in ongoing cycles of planning, implementation, and evaluation, the college can engage in informed decision-making at all levels and identify priorities for resource allocation.

The City College Strategic Plan 2017-2020 defines the college's strategic goals for institutional improvement over a multi-year period.

The 2016-2025 Educational Master Plan is a foundational document providing data and information about students and programs to support decision-making for instructional programs and support services and planning for facilities and technology needs.

City Planning (formerly known as the Master Planning, Assessment, and Resource Oversight Council (MPAROC)) is a participatory governance body with broad representation that serves as the college's planning council and oversees processes for Accreditation, Strategic Planning, and Program Review.

The 2022-2025 Student Equity and Achievement Plan defines target outcomes for reducing disproportionate impact for key measures of student progress including successful enrollment, completion of transfer-level math and English, persistence, transfer, and completion.Development and oversight of the SEA Plan is coordinated through the Student Journey Council, a participatory governance body with broad representation that oversees plans and processes related to enrollment management and student success.

Student Education and Achievement Plan 2022-25