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Logo of HSISan Diego City College is proud to be formally designated a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) by the United States Department of Education. The purpose of the HSI is to expand educational opportunities and improve the academic attainment of Hispanic and low-income students, and to expand and enhance the academic offerings, program quality, and institutional stability of colleges and universities that are educating the majority of Hispanic college students. As a Hispanic Serving Institution, San Diego City College is committed to student success, educational equity and social justice.


Students Uplifted By Instructional Reform (SUBIR)

The purpose of the grant is to increase the number and proportion of high-need students who persist in and complete college. SUBIR! Will improve retention and success of LatinX students and economically disadvantaged students through course redesign, professional development, the showcasing of diversity and inclusivity and student services initiatives. The grant focuses on the following areas: Professional development, course redesign, creation of cultural hubs, student support and a summer transition program.

Title V- SUBIR Programs:

  • Course Redesign/ Professional Development
  • DREAMer Resource Center
  • SUBIR! Cultural Center
  • Summer Jump Start Program

Institutional Commitment and Support

Title V capitalizes on a number of existing resources and is supported by all areas at San Diego City College. The college is committed to providing the support and resouces to ensure the success and sustainability of Title V initiatives.


Photo of Subir Cultural CenterThe Students Uplifted By Institutional Reform, SUBIR, Cultural Center at San Diego City College is dedicated to helping our campus increase our culture of inclusion, social justice, and collaborative learning. Our goal is to increase the sense of belonging and engagement on campus. We serve to engage students on campus for longer periods of time, to promote individual and group studying, to promote social justice, to facilitate peer networks of support and access to campus resources.


  • Individual and group study space
  • Peer Mentoring via Completion Program
  • Cross cultural awareness workshops and activities
  • Community resources
  • Student and faculty engagement
  • Access to technology
  • DREAMer Resource Center


  1. AH-200a
  2. L-207
  3. M-205
  4. S-401


The Title V grant provides professional development and course redesign in order to expand the use of pedagogical techniques that are recognized as promoting student success.

Photo of Subir Cultural CenterProfessional Development

  • Cultural relevant pedagogy
  • Student centered pedagogy
  • Contextualized lesson planning
  • Multidisciplinary integrative pedagogy
  • Meta-cognitive strategies
  • Equity minded practices

Key course redesign

  • Basic Skills Math and English, ESOL
  • Personal Growth, targeted courses
  • Acceleration of courses in sequence
  • Project based learning

Redesigned Courses

Year 1: ESOL, Basic Skills English, PG 140

Year 2: Basic Skills Math, PG 130

Year 3: Math 95, 104, 116, 119 and English 101, 205, PG 145

Year 4: BIO 107, SOC 101, HEALTH 101, PSYC 101, HIS 109, CHIC 141A

Redesigned courses are subject to change

Piloting or courses will occur the year following redesign.