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Mission and Priorities


San Diego City College welcomes and inspires every student to identify and pursue their community, personal, educational, and professional goals. We prioritize accessibility, equity, and social justice through student-centered support services and educational opportunities for global learning. We offer general education, associate and bachelor's degrees, transfer pathways, certificates, and career technical education for personal enrichment and economic mobility.


San Diego City College is a multicultural institution committed to providing open access to all who
can benefit from instruction and to meeting the diverse and ever-changing educational, cultural,
and economic needs of the urban core and surrounding communities of San Diego. We are committed to
the tradition of academic freedom and responsibility, to employee empowerment, and to maintaining a
climate that promotes learning, understanding and respect for students, faculty, staff, community,
and the environment. The following are core tenets of our value system:

  • The development of informed, active individuals who will be engaged in the global community,
    lifelong learners, social justice advocates, and literate in information technology;
  • Institutional community involvement, community development and community service;
  • Equity, inclusiveness and diversity in all of its manifestations;
  • High quality instructional programs emphasizing creative and critical thinking;
  • Essential student support services, including co-curricular and cultural activities;
  • Environmental sustainability and a campus culture of conservation; and
  • A continuous campus-wide cycle of assessment and program review with integrated
    planning and resource allocation.

Student Success - Support improved student learning, achievement of student learning outcomes,
course completion, certificate and degree completion, transfer rates, and workforce competencies.

Innovative Approaches - Provide state of-the-art general education, transfer, and career technical
programs by utilizing current technologies, innovative teaching and learning approaches, and
delivery systems, and academic and student support services which include essential student support
services, including co-curricular and cultural activities.

Equity, Inclusiveness, and Diversity - Strengthen and support an inclusive and diverse campus
culture which enhances student, faculty, and staff success and closes equity gaps. City College
promotes lifelong learning, social justice advocacy, and information technology literacy.

Collaborative & Outreach Ventures - Develop collaborative and outreach ventures that enhance
student learning within the college, district and community, public and private agencies,
businesses, and industry-- locally, nationally, and globally.

Environmental Stewardship - Strengthen a measurable environmental stewardship effort that
implements sustainable practices and educates the campus community.

Institutional Accountability - Demonstrate accountability through the integrated process of
assessment, program review, planning, resource allocation, accreditation, and on-going evaluation.
Strategic Planning - Links campus planning to district planning efforts.

Social Justice Commitment

At San Diego City College, we commit to closing the opportunity gaps perpetuated by structural injustice in higher education. Closing the opportunity gap means dismantling the inequitable distribution of resources, opportunities, and policies to achieve parity in educational outcomes for historically marginalized student populations.

We commit to providing an inclusive and welcoming educational environment by recognizing and supporting the intersection of our community members’ multiple identities and roles through culturally-responsive pedagogy and equity-minded practices, behaviors and policies.

We commit to sustaining a teaching, learning, and work culture that envisions and actively validates and uplifts our diverse community’s lived experiences to ensure a strength-based structural and cultural change at our institution.

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