Our students are going places!


SDSU: Aisleigh Harvey (2017 and 2018 New Play Festivals )

SDSU: Lillian Johnson (Mere Mortals, 2020 and 2021 New Play Festivals)

SDSU: Ruth Gonzalez (Urinetown)

SDSU: Luis Sherlinee (Chicago, Heathers)

SDSU: Robert Delacy (To Kill a Mockingbird, 2017 New Play Festival)

SDSU: Karen Denisse Lopez (Urinetown)

SDSU: Roosevelt Green (2016 and 2018 New Play Festivals,To Kill a Mockingbird, Anatomy of Gray)

SDSU: Veronica Cardenas (Anatomy of Gray)

SDSU: Ismael Arvizu

SDSU: Lauren Lantz (Zombie Prom, 2016 New Play Festival, The Rocky Horror Show)

SDSU: Brody Gogatz (2016 and 2017 New Play Festivals, Heathers)

SDSU: Estefania De La Torre (2016 New Play Festival, Good Kids, Zombie Prom, Grease)

SDSU: Wilfred Paloma (2016 New Play Festival, Grease, In the Heights). Wilfred also earned his Master's from SDSU in 2019

SDSU: Bekah Church (Good Kids, Chicago, The Rocky Horror Show)

SDSU: Andrea Morin Fernandez (The Rocky Horror Show, 2018 New Play Festival, A Midsummer Night's Dream)

SDSU: Tina Adams (In the Heights, To Kill a Mockingbird, 2016, 2017, 2018 New Play Festivals

SDSU: Daniel Woods (Guys and Dolls, In the Heights, Grease, 2016 and 2017 New Play Festivals)

CSU Long Beach: Emily Bucher (Just Like Us, Heathers crew)

CSU Long Beach: Justin Barber

CSU Northridge: Valeria del Castillo (2019 New Play Festival)

CSU Northridge: Shane Mayer (The Rocky Horror Show, Heathers)

UC San Diego: Carlos Silva (Urinetown, 2021 New Play Festival)

UC San Diego: Andy Ouch (2021 New Play Festival)

UC San Diego: Daylon de Alva (She Kills Monsters, Urinetown)

UC San Diego: Natalia Ariaza (2021 New Play Festival)

UC San Diego: Devin McKenna (The Rocky Horror Show, Anatomy of Gray, Heathers)

UC San Diego: Vanessa Flores (The Rocky Horror Show, Metamorphoses, Heathers, Just Like Us)

UC San Diego: Luis Enrique "Quike" Moreno (Chicago, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Rocky Horror Show)

UC San Diego: Jessica Bravo (The Rocky Horror Show, 2017 New Play Festival, Electricidad)

UC San Diego: Natalia Maggio (Grease, Zombie Prom, Chicago, Good Kids, Electricidad)

UC San Diego: Apollo Blatchley (Almost, Maine)

Marymount Manhattan College: Michaela Griffith (Heathers, Urinetown)

San Francisco State University: Lucas Thornton (Almost, Maine; To Kill a Mockingbird)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Sofia-Patricia Palacios (2018 New Play Festival)

UC Riverside: Kaitlin Williams (Almost, Maine)

UC Los Angeles: Marie Malham (Almost, Maine; 2016 New Play Festival)


Cal Poly Pomona: Valynsia Sims (2018 New Play Festival)

CSU Los Angeles: Stephane Robles (2017 New Play Festival, Good Kids, Electricidad

University of Southern California (USC): Daniel Sosa Porter (The Rocky Horror Show, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Chicago, Good Kids, Almost, Maine, 2016 New Play Festival, Zombie Prom, Grease)

University of San Diego: Kevin Klass