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Admissions & Records Forms/Petitions

Admissions Office Forms & Petitions

AB-540 Non-Resident Tuition Exemption

Student must meet AB-540 criteria to submit this non-resident tution exemption form; see criteria prior to submitting. AB-540 Affidavit 

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Change High School Status

Updating a student's high school graduation status.

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Petition to Challenge

For challenging a prerequisite based on specific criteria (knowledge/skill, health & safety, undue hardship, and discrimination). To clear a prerequisite with transcripts, please see counseling.

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High School Students - Special Part-Time/Joint Diploma Admission Form

For current high school students in concurrent enrollment/dual enrollment wishing to take classes through a college campus.

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Merge Duplicate Accounts

Merge duplicate accounts (duplicate student records).

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Social Security Number Acknowledgement Form

Acknowledgment that student does not have a SSN for purposes of 1098-T reporting.

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Third Party Verification

Authorization to release records for a third party (e.g. Solomon Act).

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Student Personal Information Update

For students who need to update names, SSN, DOB, and/or gender marker. You can update your phone number, email, and physical address through MySDCCD.

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Records Office Forms & Petitions

Code out W

For students who would like to code out a W on their academic record for classes enrolled in 10+ years ago..

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Consent to Release Student Records

Authorization form to release student academic records to someone other than the student.

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Petition for Exemption to Course Repetition Policy

For students who are requesting to repeat a course due to specific exceptions outlined in policy (i.e. repeating a class beyond a third atempt). Students are recommended to speak with a counselor prior to submitting.

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Petition for an Excused Withdrawal

For students requesting an excused withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances; student will need to provide evidence of extenuating circumstances. 

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Petition for Late Add/Drop

This petition is for students who wish to add or drop a class after the posted deadline. The "purpose" section of the form requires the student to click "other" and then type in the specific reason for the petiton (i.e late add) Please attach the associated PDF to the JIRA Student Support Desk Ticket; General Student Petition  

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Registration Worksheet

For students who need to override a registration restriction (not for VA purposes).

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Petition for Late Withdrawal/Late Drop with Refund

This petition is for students who were not able to drop or withdrawal in accordance to the posted deadline due to extenuating circumstances; the student must provide evidence of extenuating circumstances for this request to be considered.

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Requesting Official Transcripts

For former students who no longer have access to the student portal. Current students can order an official transcript through MySDCCD.

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Accessing Unoffical Transcripts

For former students who no longer have access to the student portal; will need SSN available. Current students can view their unoffical transcripts through MySDCCD.

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If you have questions please contact the Admissions office at 619-388-3475 or the Records office at 619-388-3474.