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Click on the link for information on COVID-19 Information Affecting Education Benefits

1. How will Semester Worksheets get processed?

Semester Worksheets, Statement of Understanding, and Class Adjustment Forms are available online. All required VA forms should be submitted online via the same link. At the top of the page you will see written instructions on how to submit the forms.

2. COVID-19 Protocols for Students: 

Effective Fall 2022, the San Diego Community College District will no longer require students to be vaccinated to access in-person classes or services unless vaccination is required for a specific program or activity by law, regulation, or other applicable governing organization. The District strongly recommends that students be fully vaccinated and receive the booster when eligible. Students who have symptoms should stay home and get tested. The District no longer requires individuals to wear face coverings while on District propertieis or participating in District activites. For more information, please visit: COVID-19 Information for Students | San Diego Community College District (

3. How do I find out if the program I am interested in, will be covered by VA?

Visit The Department of Veterans Affairs, WEAMS institution search. 

4. Where do I go for priority registration?

If you are currently Active Duty in the military or were discharged within the last 15 years, you may be eligible for up to 4 years of priority registration. Please submit a copy of DD-214 member page 4, or your current orders showing you are stationed in CA to our office via JIRA Click Here. Select the form/petition Verification of Military Status to obtain priority enrollment status.

5. Will the VA pay for a repeated class?

The DVA will pay for students to repeat courses where a D, F, or NP was earned. However, per San Diego Community College District Policy a student will have to petition to repeat after the 3rd attempt at the same class

6. What is the number of units required?

    FALL AND SPRING 12+ units 9 to 11.5 units 6 to 8.5 units
    SUMMER (8-WEEK) 6+ units 4 to 5.5 units 3 to 3.5 units
    SUMMER (6-WEEK) 4+ units 3 to 3.5 units 2 to 2.5 units
    SUMMER (4-WEEK) 3+ units 2 to 3.5 units N/A

      A semester worksheet MUST be completed each semester to be certified for benefits.

7. Can I take online classes?

If you are only enrolled in online classes you will only be eligible for 50% BHA. To be eligible for full BHA you must be enrolled in one resident (in-person) course. 

8. What happens if I drop/withdrawal/change a class?

Veterans are required to notify our office immediately when they stop attending, withdrawal, and add/drop a class. Veterans and dependents assume full liability for an overpayment and will owe money to the DVA. The DVA may deduct the funds from any federal payments.

 A Class Adjustment Form can be completed and submitted online: 

9. What classes will the DVA pay for?

The DVA will only pay for classes required for your major. Please refer to your Education Plan when registering for classes and contact a counselor if you have any questions regarding your student education plan. 

To schedule an appointment with a VA counselor, please email with your 10-digit student ID number in the subject line. Students utilizing Post 9/11 (CH 33) or Veteran Readiness & Employment (CH 31) will be eligble to have their enrollment fees deferred by submitting a VA Semester Worksheet to the Veterans Office via JIRA once they have met with a counselor and enrolled in classes. 

10. Who do I contact for payment issues?

For questions regarding BHA and/or book stipend please contact the DVA directly at 1-888-442-4551.

11. How do I correct my non-residency?

Veterans (Tuition Affidavit) Click Here

  • Veterans will need DD-214 member page 4
  • Eligible dependents will need their Certificate of Eligibility.
  • Discharged in-state  or out of state 
  • Minimum of active military service
  • Complete the Veteran Affidavit form
  • Veterans using Chapter 33 or 31 who were discharged with anything other than dishonorable, should complete (option B)

Spouse/Dependent of Active Duty: Click Here

Form can be completed by Mr. Parkes' Office located at :
32nd Street, Naval Base Bldg 56, Room 116 
Mr. Alex Parkes
PSC Ashore
Phone: (619) 556-1979
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

The forms will need to be submitted via Jira  Click Here

Active Duty Military

  • Active duty military personnel must be stationed in California
  • Email to a Copy of State ID/Driver's License & Current Orders 
  • Military orders must indicate last activity in the state of California with future Projected Rotation Date (PRD)
  • Student College ID Number

12. How do I verify my enrollment with the VA?

Students utilizing Post 9/11 (CH.33) benefits are now required to verify enrollment each month. MHA and/or kicker payments will be withheld, if enrollment is not verified for two consecutive months.Students have the option to Opt-in via text messages to verify enrollment status. Those who do not Opt-in for text message can verify enrollment via email. An automated email will be sent on the last day of the month. Those who choose not to verify enrollment via email or text can call the ECC at 1-888-442-4451. 

13. I have submitted my VA Semester Worksheet to the office, but I am still seeing a balance on MySDCCD portal? 

Students will continue to see a balance on their accounts until the DVA sends payment to the school. The San Diego City College Veterans Office will update the tuition and fees after the add/drop deadline. If your VA Semester Worksheet has been submitted and processed, our office has placed a service indicator to prevent you from being dropped from classes. If you are unsure of the status of your fee deferment, please email with your 10-digit student ID number. 

14. Who can help with issues I am having with my student email address?

For questions regarding multi-factor authentication (MFA) or student email please call 619-388-1140 or email

MFA with Microsoft Authenticator App:

MFA with Text Messaging: