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Steps for New Veteran Students



Step by Step Video Guides

You are entitled to an exemption of the CA Non-Resident fees while you are stationed in CA. Please upload a copy of your current orders and an image of any photo ID to this site: Submitting orders/ID

If you were discharged within CA in the last 2 years or are using your military educational benefits here at City College you can fill out a Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Request Form and be sure to attach your DD-214 (member copy 4) or a Certificate of Eligibility for processing: Non-Resident Tuition Exemption for Eligible Veterans

If you are a spouse of an active duty service member who is currently stationed in CA you are exempt from the CA non-residentt fees while you are here in CA. Please have this form (Click Here) filled out at the office listed below and then submit the completed form along with any photo ID to this secured site: Submitting the Active Duty Certification Form 

Form can be completed by Mr. Alex Parkes' Office located at :
32nd Street, Naval Base Bldg 56, Room 116 
Mr. Alex Parke's Office
PSD Ashore
Phone: (619) 556-1979
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM




If this is your first semester using your education benefits at City College, submit the following items online to the JIRA - Student Support Desk

  • VA Statement of Understanding
  • Verification of Military/Veteran Status (attach DD-214 Member copy 4)
  • Certificate of Eligibility 
  • VA Semester Worksheet
  • Any and all unofficial transcripts - for any prior college you attended including a JST

If you were flagged as a CA non-resident you will also need to submit a Veterans Non-Resident Exemption Form via the JIRA - Student Support Desk

  • Veterans Non-Resident Exemption Form - if you are classified as a CA non-resident for Tuition Purposes 
  • Class Adjustment - Submit only if you make changes to your classes (add/drop)

If you have used your education benefits at City College before, submit the following forms online. Continuing Veterans should submit these forms via JIRA - Student Support Desk each semester to continue being certified

  • VA Semester Worksheet
  • Class Adjustment - Submit only if you make changes to your classes (add/drop)

Appointments are available in-person and virtually Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment with a VA counselor:

To meet with a counselor you'll need to have an active SDCCD application, pursue a City College major, and have copies of all transcripts of prior colleges attended.