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Graduating/Recent High School Student

High School Grads

You are currently a 12th-grade senior and plan to attend San Diego City College after graduating from high school or you are a recent High School graduate. 

  1. Apply online at CCCApply by creating an OpenCCC account 
  • Make sure to use a personal email account. Do not use your high school email account as you will not have access to it after graduation. 
  • If you have taken classes in high school through the Dual Enrollment or High School Enrichment programs, you will have already created an account. If you do not remember your username and password, try to retrieve them on the CCCApply page by clicking on Sign In and then the “Recover Account” button. If you need help logging in to CCCApply, call 1-877-247-4836 


What to have when completing the application for admission 

  • If you have been issued a social security number or other government issued identification numbers, please report.  
  • High School unweighted cumulative Grade Point Average  
  • Highest High School English course completed (C or better) and grade you received in it.  
  • Highest High School Math course completed (C or better) and grade you received in it. 


  1. While Logged into your OpenCCC account, Start A New Application to apply to San Diego City College. 

You can get help on campus, visit our Welcome Center! Building A, Room 201 (619)388-3023. 


If you previously took courses at City, Mesa or Miramar College, you must:  

  • Update your Enrollment Status 
  • Submit Petition for Change of High School Grad Status 
  • To show proof of high school graduation or equivalency: (1) Valid and current Picture ID, (2) One of the following documents, (3) Diploma/GED or, Official transcripts verifying graduation date (4) or, Official Letter from school registrar confirming graduation 
  • Update Milestones 


Students may request to have their milestones updated based on their highest level of math earned. Students will need to contact Clarissa Padilla or Edwidge Dupard with the following:  

  • Name  
  • CSID  
  • Explanation of highest-level math earned  
  • Request to have milestone updated  
  • Scores will be updated within 2-3 business days. 

Financial Aid

Completing the FAFSA from is free! Fillling out this form will help you to see if you qualify for grants to help pay for school. 

Visit and create your FSA ID. An FSA ID is the username and password you'll use to complete and sign your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Your parent should create their own FSA ID.

  • This will let them electronically sign your FAFSA. (Undocumented parents can't create an FSA ID - they'll sign your FAFSA on a paper form.)

Visit and complete your FAFSA, as early as October 1 for the following school year. San Diego City College School Code 001273. 

  • For AB 540 students, you may qualify for the California Dream Act. Apply here

If you need assistance or have additional questions, you can visit the Financial Aid Office remote, in-person or by phone* at (619) 388-3501.  

*Financial Aid advisors can only provide general information via phone unless you have established a security PIN with them prior.  


Applying to scholarships may help offset the cost of college and can be used toward a variety of educational costs throughout the school year. 

Visit our scholarships page for more information. 

MYSDCCD (Student Portal)

At City, we use you mySDCCD student portal to access and better service for most student services including:   

  • My Classes - Students can view their registration appointment, Enroll, Drop, Change grading basis to P/NP, Swap classes, view their class schedule, grades, and unofficial transcript. 
  • My Financial Aid - From Application to Award, check this area and the To-Do items for the status on your Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits. 
  • My Finances - Students can view the amount of fees owed (if any), pay for classes, health fees and parking permits, and sign up for Payment Plans. 
  • My Success Path - Access your education plan, milestones (English and math skill levels) and your transfer credit report. 
  • My To-Do-List - Make sure you resolve any pending items. 
  • Message Center - Important communications are sent to students email address on file and also stored here in the message center. 

Once you receive your 10-digit student ID number, activate your mySDCCD student portal.  

How to create your mySDCCD Account 

For additional information and assistance on mySDCCD you can search here.

Student E-mail

All SDCCD students will receive a "" email account upon registration.  

Getting access to student email and Microsoft 365 is as easy as 1-2-3: 

  1. Enroll in classes at San Diego City, Mesa, Miramar and/or College of Continuing Education 
  2. Within a day you will receive an email inviting you to setup your M365/Student Email account 
  3. Login using your mySDCCD password and then setup your Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) 

Your email will be the official form of communication for all campus business. The College recommends checking email daily since certain communication may be time critical (e.g. Class Waitlist activity.) 

If you need assistance setting this up: 

Students who have never taken college classes after graduating high school/receiving their GED are required to complete an online orientation before registering.  

  1. Complete the online orientation 
  2. Complete the New Student Educational Planning Workshop on Canvas.  Visit the Counseling Workshops for more information. 
    1. If you still need Counseling support after completing the New Student Educational Planning workshop, you can visit our counseling website to find out how to connect with a counselor. 

How to Register

Once you applied to the school, you should receive an email with your assigned registration date and time.  You can also view your registration date in your mySDCCD portal. 

Register for classes in your mySDCCD portal on your assigned registration date and time.  Here are some helpful videos:  

How to search the class schedule 

How to register for classes 

Do you need help registering for classes? Contact Peer Mentors/Peer Advocate Center at (619) 388-4047. We are located in the A Building in A-201.  

Phone : (619) 388-4047 
Location : A Building, A-201 

If a class is full, you may be able to waitlist. Here is how to waitlist a class

City College has programs and services to ensure your success. Please see below if any of these may be helpful for you! 

DisAbility Support Programs and Services (DSPS) 

If you are a student with a documented permanent or temporary disability or medical conditional, you may be eligible for academic accommodations. Check our DSPS website for more information.  


EOPS is a state-funded student support services program. Its purpose is to provide special recruitment, retention, and transition services to eligible students. The primary services include assistance in the following areas: priority enrollment, counseling/advisement, and preparation for transition to four-year colleges and universities. 

Check out their eligibility requirements and benefits on their website 

CARE is a program for single parent students who receive CalWORKs cash aid and meet other eligibility criteria.  Services are designed to provide additional support and assist students to attain economic self-sufficiency by earning a certificate, an associate degree, or transferring to a four-year college or university. 

Check out their eligibility requirements and benefits on their website. 


The Believe Program offers support services to parent learners who receive TANF/CalWORKs benefits. Intentional services have been designed to support student parents in their career, education and personal goals. 


Next Up is a supplemental program of EOPS designed to support the educational goals and well-being of current and former foster youth.  It provides eligible students with additional support "over and above"  that which EOPS provides.    

Veterans/Active Duty Military 

Our Veteran's office is here to help students and/or dependents navigate through City Colleges' programs and services as well as educational benefit requirements. The San Diego Community Colleges have been approved to offer military service-connected benefit programs leading to an associate degree or transfer to a four-year institution. 


The San Diego Promise is a two-year completion program for first-time college students enrolled full-time (12 units per semester) during Fall and Spring semesters. The program provides up to two years of free tuition and health fees to eligible students. Participation in the Promise program comes with numerous benefits: access to a peer mentor, specialized counseling, guidance, support, and additional campus engagement opportunities. 


City Scholars 

The City Scholars Program was designed to help justice-impacted students transition to San Diego City College. The program provides access to a range of academic, social, and emotional support to help students facilitate their success in college. 

Hermanos Unidos Brothers United (HUBU) 

HUBU is a movement and brotherhood that embraces AND validates who you are as great men and leaders in your communities. 

I Am My Brother's Keeper! 
In Lak'ech- Tue eres mi otro yo! 


The Puente Project is an academic preparation program that, for more than 25 years, has improved the college-going rate of tens of thousands of California's educationally disadvantaged students. The project's mission is to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students who: 

  • Enroll in four-year colleges and universities 
  • Earn college degrees 
  • Return to the community as mentors and leaders of future generations 


The UMOJA Community at San Diego City College is a program designed to assist African American and other historically underrepresented students who desire to transfer to four-year colleges and universities and earn their degrees. Course materials, discussions, and activities focus on African American culture, literature, and experiences. Through UMOJA, students can prepare for transfer while taking culturally relevant coursework and participate in enriching activities with students who share similar goals.

Checklist Prior to Starting the Semester

All fees and payments will be done through your mySDCCD portal, under the Finances tab. Your financial aid may cover enrollment fees, but student fees may still apply. 

More information on student fees and how to pay.

If you are waitlisted for any courses, you can see the waitlist status when checking your “Class Schedule” in your mySDCCD portal.  

If by the time that the semester starts, you are not enrolled in the class, you may request a “permission code” from the professor either in person or via email to add the course before the add deadline. How to Register from the Waitlist with Permission Number (Add Code). 

Preview what textbooks are required. You may purchase or rent from the SDCC Bookstore online at 

The SDCC Student ID is available at the Admissions office A-241. To get one, you must be enrolled in courses and have paid the balance in your account. Make sure to bring a valid picture ID to the Admissions office.

Checklist once the semester begins 

Attend your classes on the first day of school. If you are taking an online class, be sure to access your courses in Canvas the first day of the semester. You may be dropped from a class if you fail to attend the first-class meeting or do not access your online courses in Canvas. You can view your class schedule on your mySDCCD.

If you are waitlisted for any courses, you can email the professor to request a permission code or show up early to class on the first day to request a permission code to add the class.  

If you have a permission code here is how to add the class 

mySDCCD - How to Register from the Waitlist with Permission Number (Add Code) 

If you would like to add a class on or after the first day of class, you will need authorization from the professor. To learn how to register using an add authorization click here: 

If you would like to drop a class, make sure to speak with a counselor first. Dropping a class may affect your financial aid and/or Student Educational Plan. If you don't drop by the drop deadline, you may be required to pay for the class. Here is how to drop a class: 

mySDCCD - How to drop classes


Follow up with a counselor to develop a comprehensive understanding of your classes, scheduling, and goals. The counseling office offers a variety of ways to connect both in-person and online, you can contact the counseling office at (619)388-3540, in-person at A-366 or visit the counseling office website.  

Still Exploring?

We have a few different options on how to get you the career path best for you. You can visit our Career Center or our Academic Career Pathways page for more ways to explore.